COLD, Introducing Alex Duggins by Stella Cameron

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As a fan of Stella Cameron’s writing, the opportunity to read her new series Cold- Introducing Alex Duggins was just too good to resist.  Moving into mystery/suspense with a feel of an Agatha Christie novel, Cameron brings the Cotswolds to life with vivid descriptions that feed the visual imagination when reading.

Several secondary characters are enmeshed in the plot, everyone has some secret and occasionally the sheer volume of characters did feel overwhelming, although they did manage to sort themselves out in my head nearer the end of the book.  I liked Alex, even as I didn’t always feel her motivation, or think that some of her decisions were the wisest options: but her curiosity and subtly telling fragility after her retreat to her hometown did provide her character with depth and emotion.

Conversations and dialogue slipped from believable to forced, there were occasions when the dialogue detracted from a character rather than enhanced, but these instances also were rare, making some of the characters less enjoyable than others.

With several twists and turns, there wasn’t any single clear suspect: while I don’t usually solve mysteries early on in a story, this one really did take me through to the end with several people I had suspected.  Working tension and uncovering clues throughout the story arc was well done: Ms. Cameron understands a reader’s need for peaks and valleys, and fuels it near perfectly.  For those who like a suspenseful mystery, and fans of Cameron’s other books – this is a must get.

COLD, Introducing Alex Duggins by Stella Cameron

Title: COLD, Introducing Alex Duggins
Author: Stella Cameron
Genre: Contemporary Mystery
Published by: Purple Papaya LLC
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 269
Rated: four-stars
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You can't outrun the past...

...and tripping over a frosted corpse is a complication that could destroy Alex Duggins' attempt to restart her life. The discovery of a murder victim threatens to unearth some old secrets, including her own.

As the tiny town of Folly-on-Weir braces for a chilling winter and snow blankets Britain's Cotswold Hills, a killer faces a deadline. A terrible crime was believed to be safely hidden, but time and conscience can wear on a secret.

The clock ticks and with the police breathing down her neck, Alex knows she's at the top of the suspect list. Desperate to clear her name and find the real murderer she begins to peel back the layers of deception that have long-concealed one of the town's darkest secrets. But time is also running out for a killer who has nothing left to lose. What's one more murder?

Someone intends that Alex will be the next snow-covered body found in the beautiful hills above the town.

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Stella Cameron

Stella Cameron is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author. With over fourteen million copies of her books in print, Cameron is now turning her pen to mysteries and independently publishing COLD, Introducing Alex Duggins. She draws on her English background for this new, already critically acclaimed mystery series. Atmospheric, deeply character and relationship driven, COLD reveals the power of old secrets to twist the present. Cameron's reputation for using her backgrounds to add tension and allure to her stories is heightened again.

Cameron is the recipient of the Pacific Northwest Achievement Award for distinguished professional achievement and for enhancing the stature of the Northwest Literary community. She lives in Washington with her husband Jerry, her Papillon Millie, black cat Zipper, and a cheeky little tabby named Jack.

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