Christmas at Angel Lake (Rescued Hearts #2) by Edie Ramer with giveaway!

Christmas at Angel Lake (Rescued Hearts #2) by Edie Ramer  with giveaway!

Today as part of the Tasty Book Tours I have Christmas at Angel Lake: Rescued Hearts # 2 by Edie Ramer.  Be sure to check the other Tour Stops, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway.  Additionally, you should know that 25ȼ from every Christmas at Angel Lake book sold will go to the Washington County Humane Society in Wisconsin. Another reason to buy this lovely romance!!

Book Review:

I love redemption stories, and when you add in the cuteness that is a rescued animal, I can’t help but smile.  This is my first introduction to Edie Ramer’s work, and I went and bought other titles because it was that sweet, and that well-conceived.

This is a sweet contemporary romance, which manages to hit all the buttons that readers of romance love: interesting characters wounded by life and love,  kindly strangers, tentative steps toward the love that everyone wants and has a dash of ever so adorable viewpoints presented from the cats and dogs in the story. 

Maddie arrived quite by accident, heading out to better her life and move from a bad relationship.  Pregnant and alone, she swerves to avoid a kitten and finds her new home, people to love, and a life with her child.  Years later, when the owner of the house she is staying in dies, Logan arrives to remove her from his new home, yet finds her far more intriguing and interesting than any woman has a right to be.

As the two tiptoe around their feelings for one another, the attraction is palpable and the sniping is actually quite cute.  Interwoven in the story is the narration of Dog, a lost dog on a search for his family: his narration is actually quite relevant to the story and the inner feelings of Logan and Maddie, even though they don’t speak on them.   Dog’s story is possibly more heart wrenching and tense for the reader than any other element, and his periodic updates have you wanting him to find his home, a home and someone to love him as much as you wish for Logan and Madding to get their act together.

This is a sweet romance, with clever asides from the characters that just make them more human, and display their honest feelings even as their heads deny them.  Certain to put a smile on your face, this story demands to be read and then re-read often.

Christmas at Angel Lake (Rescued Hearts #2) by Edie Ramer  with giveaway!

Title: Christmas at Angel Lake
Author: Edie Ramer
Genre: Holiday Themed
Published by: Blue Walrus Books
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 209
Rated: five-stars
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**25 cents from every CHRISTMAS AT ANGEL LAKE book sold will go to the Washington County Humane Society in Wisconsin.**

A kitten saved her…

Broke, pregnant and deserted by her boyfriend, Maddie Barrymore swerves to avoid a kitten while driving in a Wisconsin blizzard—and her life takes another turn. Like Puss in Boots, she stays in an empty house. She has the baby, the kitten, gets a job and a degree…yet every day she’s ready to flee if the real owner shows up.

Five years later, he does…

Dumped by the woman he loves, film producer Logan MacLeesh’s heart is as dark as one of his movies. He plans to hole up in his grandmother’s old mansion and throw himself into his work…until he discovers the sexy squatter and her four-year-old son. Before he can call the sheriff, Maddie’s tale of how she ended up there entertains him. They make a deal that as long as she tells him a story every night, she and her son can stay. Even the cat, though Logan’s always been a dog person.

A dog in need of saving…

Far away in another state, a homeless dog lifts his head, sniffs…and smells him. The human who’s meant for him. As he heads through the snow toward the scent, his journey seems impossible, even though it’s Christmas, a time when miracles happen.

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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About Edie Ramer

In my stories, miracles are interrupted…but sometimes a few sneak through. I like to think miracles happen in life, too. Part of the reason I feel this way is because I was weaned on fairy tales. But when my mother unleashed me into the aisles of my local library, I gravitated to Nancy Drew. I also devoured comic books about Wonder Woman and Super Girl. My penchant for strong heroines who don’t wait for men to save them is reflected in my books.
I started my writing career selling short stories for mystery magazines and anthologies. I’ve published quite a few paranormal romances and I’ve even tiptoed into the sci fi romance genre. Now I write contemporary romance with heart and attitude and magic. I love writing a magical realism series set in the small village of Miracle, Wisconsin. These are stand-alone books, and anything can and does happen. Everyone gets a chance to tell their story, from a cat to a young blogger to a young woman to young seniors.
I don’t think I’ll ever get bored with this series. I hope my readers feel the same way. My goal is to make readers laugh a little, cry a little, and feel happy a lot.
I live in southeastern Wisconsin with my husband, dog and a very special cat.


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