The Cheer in Charming an Earl:The Naughty Girls, #3.5 by Emma Locke

The Cheer in Charming an Earl:The Naughty Girls, #3.5 by Emma Locke

Today I bring you a novella installment in a charming historical romance series, and yet another addition to my NetGalley November challenge.  Please note – this title is not available at present under its own cover, it is a part of a short holiday collection entitled Tis The Season and those are the purchase links that I have provided.

Book Review: 

If you have a few free hours and want a delightfully clever historical fiction series, let me suggest The Naughty Girls series by Emma Locke.  Each of the heroines didn’t run in the higher echelon of society, although none are truly bad or evil.  In this, a novella installment and book 3.5 of the series, we meet an innocent who has dreams of marriage to a dashing and handsome earl that she espied in her brother’s smithy.

After thoroughly investigating (or so she thought) this handsome earl, she sets a plan in motion to meet him: sure on their acquaintance he will see that they are well-matched.  Completely unsuited to deception or discovering possible consequences, Elinor’s sabotaging of her carriage results in an accident that totaled the carriage, shattered a kitchen wall and left her and the driver bruised but not badly injured.

And the kitchen she totaled belonged to the earl of her dreams, who is hosting his annual 12 day bacchanalia with other rakes of his ilk, several lightskirts and a healthy dollop of pleasures of the flesh.  Grantham is intrigued by Elinor, and finds her quite a refreshing female, and far more pleasant company than the old and jaded friends he entertains.

With several twists, the story is light and entertaining, with enough miscommunication and missed signals and several moments of justifiable anger or embarrassment the story trips lightly to conclusion leaving plenty of room for amusement.  Utterly appealing and standing alone without a great deal of difficulty, Elinor is merely headstrong and hopeful, not truly naughty, but delightfully naïve and open in her approach and honest assessment of her own situation and her reasons for appearing so abruptly.

This is a truly clever series that is well grounded in both the historical accuracy and the cleverly wrought characters.  I’ve read the first two (I need to get the third full length) and truly enjoyed each one.

The Cheer in Charming an Earl:The Naughty Girls, #3.5 by Emma Locke

Title: The Cheer in Charming an Earl
Author: Emma Locke
Genre: Historical Romance, Holiday Themed
Published by: Intrepid
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Rated: five-stars
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***As seen in the holiday anthology TIS THE SEASON***


The second of five impoverished sisters, Miss Elinor Conley knows her dream of becoming a lady is farfetched. When an unmarried gentleman happens by her brother's smithy, it is up to her to act quickly—and rashly—to secure his interest. But Grantham Wendell, Earl Chelford, isn't in the market for anything more than a new horseshoe. What's a bachelor to do when an innocent miss turns up at his Christmas Eve bacchanalia? He ought to make her leave, but his Twelfth Night party just became more entertaining...

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About Emma Locke

Emma Locke is a writer and engineer living in the Pacific Northwest, where she loves hiking with her dog, hot yoga and riding out the annual 330 days of rain. Hiking and yoga give her time to plot, the lack of sun makes for perfect writing weather, and as for her day job, the dichotomy seems to work: her analytic side ensures her passionate, satisfying love stories don't mulch under her bed, and her author side forces her to keep writing more.

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