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18+ Review and Giveaway: Power Play, Hat Trick Trilogy by Emily Cale


Today I have another 18+ story, one that ties to others of the 1Night Stand novellas.  Introducing Power Play: The Hat Trick Trilogy Series by Emily Cale.  Offering both a review here and link to the other Tour Stops, where you will find reviews and spotlights but don’t forget to enter this Rafflecopter for your chance to win one of 3 Gift Certificates to Amazon for $5 or be the lucky winner of an eBook copy of Power Play: just enter before 22 December.


Title: Power Play
Series: Hat Trick Trilogy
Author: Emily Cale
Genre: Erotic, Ménage
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Format: eBook
Pages: 37
Stars:  4
Heat Level: 4

Purchase:   Amazon | Decadent | Barnes and Noble 

Book DescriptionNatalie Fritz didn’t need a night of sexual adventure as payment for setting her friend up, but she wouldn’t turn it down either. Determined to make sure she gets exactly what she wants, she contacts Madame Eve and requests not one, but two dates for the evening. What she doesn’t expect is for those men to be players on her friend’s hockey team.

Ian and Todd find that sharing women provides all parties with more pleasure. Finding someone who buys into their theory is a little harder. So they turn to Madame Eve’s 1 Night Stand service to locate a partner. When they meet Natalie, they discover a gorgeous woman who turns them on physically and intellectually.

Most relationships are meant to be between two people, but what happens when it takes three to make the night worthwhile? Can they take a leap of faith or will their time be limited to one night?

My Review:   An 18+ erotic novella that contains elements of ménage (MFM) .

This is my second encounter with a book that was created for Decadent Publishing’s 1Night Stand series and utilizes the services of Madame Eve: a clever background for novellas that are meant to serve as a fantasy fulfillment for just one night.

As an erotic novella, this book works on all fronts.  Character development is not in the foreground, although having two male characters and using “he” makes for a bit of a confusing read. The characters are not experiencing great development or personal growth in a short story, but the appearance of Ian and Todd as two rather cocksure hockey jocks contrasted nicely with the self-assured and determined Natalie.  Even when she has her moments of hesitation, they quickly move in to allay her fears and nervousness and all fulfill their fantasies in one night of steamy pleasure.

The writer has constructed a story that is part fantasy satisfaction and part realistically described action all set within the parameters set by Madame Eve’s agency.  The end leaves us all breathless and waiting to see if this one night will, in fact, be enough.

I received an eBook copy from author for honest review for Full Moon Bites tour. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About the Author:   Emily Cale spent the majority of her childhood as a visitor to the worlds of her favorite authors. With encouragement from her English teachers, she put pen to paper and began imagining her own stories. Preferring the fascinating lives of her characters, she majored in creative writing. When not lost in a manuscript or a good book, she enjoys crocheting, rock climbing, and playing board games. She currently lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with her husband and a very spoiled cat.


Find Emily at:

Website | Twitter | Facebook

18+ Review and Giveaway: Her Twisted Pleasures, Book 1 of Twisted Mosaic by Amelia James

18+ Review and Giveaway: Her Twisted Pleasures, Book 1 of Twisted Mosaic by Amelia James

Another 18+ erotica offering on the blog today: presenting Her Twisted Pleasures, Book 1 of the Twisted Mosaic series by author Amelia James.   Be sure to check out the tour stops to see what  others said, read interviews but do NOT forget to enter to win one of 7 signed paperback copies of the book by using this Rafflecopter before 28 December, when the contest ends.

My Review:   This is an 18+ erotic story that contains elements of light bondage, erotic asphyxiation, role play and a MFM ménage.

An enticingly crafted series of vignettes/fantasies that all focus on one woman, Talia, and the two men she is involved with.  Although she craves the sameness, security and safety in her relationship with Will, she longs for the release and abandon that only Alex can provide.

The author has created a series of believable scenes that all have input in the form of point of view from each of the characters.  Never once did the point of view changes get confused or muddled, and there were subtle shifts in tone that clearly reflected the “who” in the point of view.  Difficult to accomplish with a single character – many kudos to the author for managing three.

What results is a very sultry and sexy romance, where we see growth in the relationships and the characters as the story progresses and they all redefine limits for themselves and their relationships.  This doesn’t end with a HEA, as a matter of fact there are several complications and unresolved issues, just like life.  Fortunately this is the first in the series, and hopefully there will be more about this oddly triangulated relationship and the people who inhabit it.

18+ Review and Giveaway: Her Twisted Pleasures, Book 1 of Twisted Mosaic by Amelia James

Title: Her Twisted Pleasures
Author: Amelia James
Genre: BDSM, Menage
Published by: Evolved Publishing
Source: Author
Pages: 159
Rated: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star
Get Your Copy: Amazon iTunes Downpour IndieBound Book Depository Google


About the Book:

Talia indulges her sexual pleasures, turning her life into a twisted mess. Sleeping with Alex is dangerous and reckless. She craves that excitement. Loving Will is comforting and safe. She needs that stability. Why can't she get everything she wants from one man?

Will has everything under control, and watching his girlfriend flirt with his best friend fuels his lust for her. He loves Talia, and he trusts Alex. It's all good... as long as he makes the rules.

Alex doesn't give a damn about rules. He knows how to play with fire without getting burned. It's just sex with Talia. No emotions means no attachments -- that's one rule he won't break.

Sometimes dirty little secrets are more dirty than secret.

A copy of this title was provided via Author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to drug and alcohol use / violence and/or sexual content in a genre not specified as Erotic.

About Amelia James

I got hooked on trashy romance novels in junior high, but my mom took them away from me. She couldn’t stop me from daydreaming, though. After I got married, I wrote some of my naughtier daydreams down and sent them to Playgirl magazine, which published two of them. I kept daydreaming and writing stories until my dirty stories turned into trashy books.

I live in Colorado, but I’ll always be a loyal Wisconsin Cheesehead. When I’m not lusting after my next bad boy hero, I’m looking for inspiration in sci-fi and action movies, football players, bloodsucking lawyers, muscle cars, and kick-butt chicks.

I’m known as ""Trashy Writer"" at various social media sites. I call myself a trashy writer because I want my readers to know that I enjoy mindless escapism as much as they do. I’m not out to win a Pulitzer Prize. I just want to help someone relax and get away from it all for a little while. I write romance, erotica and trash for fun and pleasure.



Review and Giveaway: Maven Fairy Godmother, Through the Veil by Charlotte Henley Babb


Today I am happy to share a book with you: Maven Fairy Godmother: Through the Veil by Charlotte Henley Babb.  Today I will have a review and you can also enter to win your own custom tarot reading, typed and emailed to the winner. The drawing ends on 30 December – so be sure to click on this Rafflecopter and enter!  Additionally – there are several other stops with Interviews, Guest Posts, Excerpts and reviews – be sure you check out the Tour Stops!

Title: Maven Fairy Godmother: Through the Veil
Series: Maven Fairy Godmother, Book 1
Author: Charlotte Henley Babb
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Muse It Up Publishing Company
Format:  eBook
Pages: 279 / 101k words
Stars:  4

Purchase:   MuseIt Up | Amazon | Smashwords | B&N

Book Description:  Maven’s new dream job–fairy godmother–presents more problems than she expects when she learns that Faery is on the verge of collapse, and the person who is training her isn’t giving her the facts–and may be out to kill her. Will she be able to make all the fractured fairy tales fit together into a happy ending, or will she be eaten by a troll?


The Review:   Of late, I have had the opportunity to read several re-takes on the classic fairy tales.  Many of these new reads have had Fairy Godmothers who are less than the “bippity boppity boo” of those found in Disney – but few have the sheer calamity Jane feel of Maven.  Disasters small and large, making Maven a character easy to empathize and sympathize with, especially for anyone who has worked for a living.

The characters are as unique and quirky as any I have seen, most are developed with a nod to both modern stereotypes (dive bars, foolish behaviors) and twisted just enough to be new and uniquely suited to the story and the plot.  From Dragons and Trolls, Samoan princesses and over-achieving youngsters looking to be Fairy Godmother Supreme – this read did not disappoint.

Blessed with a “Bump of Direction” as she has named her interior voices, Maven manages to avoid major disasters while finding her footing and abilities as she is thrust into her new position.  A witty, quick read (despite the 200+ pages) this is a read that is well crafted with an homage to all that is familiar, and a new and unique twist that makes it all the more enjoyable.  It reminded me slightly of the Fractured Fairy Tales from Saturday mornings watching Rocky and Bullwinkle with the same tongue-in-cheek feel to the story that held my interest.  The only hiccup in the story is the ends tied up fairly neatly: although there could be a sequel, there were no cliffhangers to speak of which makes me wonder if this is the last of Maven.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review for participation in the Full Moon Bites tour. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

As an aside – when I went to post my review to Amazon for this tour – I found that the author has a book available called Fractured Fairy Tales – I bought it because I enjoyed this book so much.

About the Author:  Charlotte Babb began writing when she could hold a piece of chalk and scribble her name–although she sometimes mistook “”Chocolate”” for “”Charlotte”” on

the sign at the drug store ice cream counter.

When her third-grade teacher allowed her access to the fiction room at the school library, Charlotte discovered Louisa Alcott and Robert Heinlein, an odd marriage of the minds. These two authors have had the most influence on her desire to share her point of view with the world and to explore how the world might be made better. Her current favorites are Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and Shelly Adima’s Lady of Devices.

In the meantime, Charlotte has fallen prey to steampunk and the gears are turning…corset, bustle and magic, oh my! She brings to any project a number of experiences, including work as a technical writer, washing machine gasket inspector, cloth store associate, girl Friday, and telephone psychic.

She has studied the folk stories of many cultures and wonders what happened to ours.Where the stories are for people over 20 who have survived marriage, divorce, child-rearing, education, bankruptcy, and widowhood?

Charlotte loves Fractured Fairy Tales and writes them for your enjoyment

Follow Charlotte at:

Author Website | Book Site | Facebook (Author) | Facebook (Book) | @charlottebabb 


Review and Giveaway: Awakenings, In the Arms of the Law Book 2 by Kacey Hammell

Today I am pleased to present a review of Awakenings from the In the Arms of the Law series by Kacey Hammell.  In this two-day tour, there will be reviews and excerpts shared – so be sure to check out the Tour Stops to see what others have said.  Additionally, enter this Rafflecopter to be eligible to win a $5 Starbucks gift card!

: Awakenings
Series: In the Arms of the Law, Book Two
Author: Kacey Hammell
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Suspense, Erotic
Publisher: Decadent
Format: eBook
Pages: 150
Purchase:   Decadent Publishing | Amazon | All Romance eBooks | B&N (Nook)
Stars:  4 

Book Description:   On the trail of a killer, and with her old flame back in her life, Detective Alicia Knowles is forced to face the past as she tries to make decisions about her future…

Detective Alicia Knowles once believed there was good in everyone. Not anymore. After a harrowing experience, her life had changed and she was a very different woman. Now more dangerous, she moves through the darkness of her once sunny world, unsure what to do with her pent up feelings of fear and anger.

Even her new boss, Cole Douglass, makes her feel out of control. One night, years ago, he made her feel things she’d never felt with any other man. This time it can only be business between them.

With her latest case, however, temperatures flare.

Their passion is rekindled as the search is on for a missing child and a murderer on the run. Can Alicia protect her heart from the most dangerous power of all…love?

My Review:  

A quickly paced, fast moving book, the emotionally charged story-line starts with a beaten woman and climaxes with another incident with the perpetrator, with lots of action in between.   Readers should be warned that although the references that involve abuse and beating are not specific or greatly detailed, the plot essentially rests on one woman’s inability to come to terms with her own loss of faith in humanity after her own traumatic event.

The writing is smooth and tightly interweaves the action with the emotionally charged reactions of the characters, from anger to abject terror, guilt, frustration and feelings of inadequacy.  This is not a ‘typical’ cop story – the characters are both well-defined and completely relatable as human beings with fears, concerns and emotions that are affected by what they see on the job.  As the second in this In The Arms of The Law series, this book stands alone without great difficulty, as the author has provided background throughout the story, and this helps to fill in the gaps.

The main characters, Alicia and Cole, are engaged in a dance that is rife with insecurities, guilt, longing and the effects of Alicia’s past; although they do manage to overcome these difficulties when they let their all too apparent sexual chemistry take the lead.  And there is sex: hot and steamy – this is not a book that is geared to the under 18 crowd.  The scenes are graphically written, with an emotional undertone that balances the very steamy action.  My only real complaint with the storyline is the all-too tired line used by the hero when the discussion of condoms makes an appearance early in the story.  Although, I will give the author a nod for making it a discussion at all: the realistic portrayal of the storyline and characters requires that real world sexual concerns enter the picture; in this day and age that does mean protection for both parties.

Although this was a book that brought forward a series of issues that are all too common in the world we live in, the author has done a wonderful job of displaying an understanding of the emotional impact and damage that happens to all involved: not just victims.  I certainly would not hesitate to read other books by this author.

I received an eBook copy from author for review for Full Moon Bites tours. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About the Author:    Canadian author, Kacey Hammell is a multi-published erotic romance author who writes mainly in the Contemporary Erotic/Romantic Suspense

genres.  She is a true romantic at heart.

The Wife and Mom: Born, raised and still living in her hometown in Ontario, Canada, Kacey found true love with her husband.  As a Mom of three, Kacey has made certain that each of her children know the value of the written word and the adventures they could escape on by becoming book-a-holics in their own right.

Contact Kacey at: Website/Blog | Facebook | Facebook Author Page | Twitter | Amazon | Goodreads

Review: Rite of Passage by Kevin V. Symmons

Today I am pleased to present  Rite of Passage by Kevin V. Symmons.  Please be sure to check out the other tour stops to see what others thought about the book, read excerpts, see an author post and enter the giveaway for  5 paperback copies of Rite of Passage by Kevin V. Symmons, Ends Dec. 18th.

Title: Rite of Passage
Author: Kevin V. Symmons
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Format: Paperback/eBook
Pages: 278
Purchase: Amazon | The Wild Rose Press | Barnes & Noble
Stars:  4

Book Description:  June, 1947, Sebago Lake, Maine. Robert McGregor has the perfect life until he meets Courtney Wellington at a reunion. Courtney is the stuff that dreams are made of: exquisite, vulnerable and desperately alone. But Courtney’s identity is more extraordinary than he could imagine. The 40th in a line of powerful witches, Courtney and her friends have elaborate plans for Robbie. He’s been chosen to wed her in a ceremony foretold a millennia ago. A ceremony to keep humanity from chaos and self-destruction. Though fearful and suspicious, Robbie is drawn to the young beauty. When Courtney is kidnapped by a rogue sect of Druids, she becomes a pawn in a deadly struggle. A struggle that will span the Atlantic, threaten their lives and lead to a confrontation effecting the fate of humanity. Rite of Passage combines classic romance with gripping action. Surprise and deception confront Robbie and companions as they struggle to wrest Courtney from the sinister Druids. Unbridled passion, non-stop action and plot twists will keep you turning pages well into the night.

My Review:  Just after the end of WWII, there is a worldwide awareness of evil, and the wrongs that humans can do.  Even to the point of bringing an end to the world as we know it, with the atomic bomb.  With great finesse, the author creates two characters who are both aware of and concerned with the plight facing humans, although their instincts to face these dangers stem from very different places.

One traditionally (Harvard) educated man meets one trained in the lore and skills of the Wiccan religion, and is destined to make a difference for herself and humanity.   Despite initial suspicions and fears, the two are inexorably drawn to each other, partially a physical connection, part fulfillment of an ages old prophecy.

What follows is a carefully crafted retelling of their story, complete with simple details and dramatic twists that keep the reader turning pages to discover if and how they managed to survive the events.  Loaded with adventure, both good, bad and questionable characters, and the only stakes being the future – this is a greatly engaging and entertaining book. With just enough detail that is told without great flash and special effects to lead the reader to contemplate the possibilities of the story being less fiction and more memoire.

It’s a romance, with plenty of action, detail and historical impact to draw in readers of all genres, and a truly promising first novel from this author of, I hope, many more.

I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review for Full Moon Bites.  I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility. 

About the Author: Kevin Symmons is a writer, college faculty member, and president of one of the Northeast’s most respected writing organizations. His new paranormal novel, Rite of Passage, will keep you turning pages late into the night. His other efforts include Voices, a sweeping women’s fiction work that brings to light the tragic problem of domestic violence in contemporary America. Kevin has also collaborated with award-winning screenwriter and playwright Barry Brodsky who has adapted one of Kevin’s story ideas to the screen. Kevin is currently at work on his next novel, Sanctuary, a romantic thriller set on Cape Cod.

Find Kevin at :  Website | Facebook | @KevinSymmons 

Review and Giveaway: The Preacher’s Outlaw by Patricia Bates

Today I am pleased to present a review and giveaway for The Preacher’s Outlaw by Patricia Bates.   To see what others thought about the book – check out the Tour Stops – and while you are there – enter the Rafflecopter to win one of 5 eBook copies of The Preacher’s Outlaw.  

Title: The Preacher’s Outlaw
Author: Patricia Bates
Genre: Western, Romance, Historical
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Format: eBook
Pages:  51  / 15,000 words
Purchase:  Decadent Publishing | Amazon |  Barnes & Noble
Stars:  3

Book Description:  Escaped convict Abigail Murphy’s on the run while plotting revenge on the man responsible for her imprisonment and the deaths of her parents. When she gets to Freewill, Wyoming, she gets lost in the bustle until she comes face to face with Daniel Yuleman, a man who could ruin everything.

Daniel is a man wearing two hats. Preacher and lawman, he’s been in Freewill for a couple of months waiting to pick up the trail of two killers when Abigail arrives. Told to watch her, he’s drawn by the shadows in her eyes. The closer he gets to her, the more dangerous it becomes. As her secrets come out, he finds himself fighting to keep her and their burgeoning love alive.

Can an outlaw capture the heart of a preacher turned lawman, or will they both end up on the run?

My Review: 

A simple and sweet romance novella, this book takes a damsel in distress and puts her into the midst of a federal investigation, with her as bait and fugitive.  The story moves quickly, as does the romance with the heroine and the hero, until circumstances and bad attitudes pull them apart.

The characters arrived with a great deal of history that was only shared in a piecemeal way, with the real reasons for the heroine’s tension not revealed until past the midpoint, when the story had reached a climactic point of action.  As this is a novella and only 54 pages long, that technique worked for this story – but there was still room for growth and development in the characters that would have helped to serve the story.    This is, ultimately, a romance, although it was brought to the last pages and a cliffhanger to discover if it was even possible.    It was a decent, quick little read that fits the genre perfectly, with a few shared kisses and embraces to keep it true to the time in which it is set.

I received an eBook copy from author for purpose of honest review for Full Moon Bites tours. I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility. 

About the Author:  Patricia Bates currently lives in a small city in Canada with her

husband, son, and a multitude of four legged friends. An avid reader, she loves historical movies, books…and is hard at work on the next book.

Find Patricia at: Website | Blog | Facebook

Indies Rock Review: Audie the Angel and the Angel Army by Erica Kathryn


As a part of the “Indies Rock”, I would like to present a Children’s read, just in time for Christmas gift giving.  Suitable for 8 – 12 year olds Audie the Angel and the Angel Army is the first book of the proposed Angel Archives series by new author Erika Kathryn.  I encourage you to check out my review and consider this book for the middle schoolers on your Christmas list.


Audie the Angel and the Angel Army
Erika Kathryn
The Angel Archives, Book 1
130 Pages (approx.)
Children’s fiction ages 8 – 12
Buy Now:  Amazon 

About the book:  Audie, a seemingly typical twelve-year-old girl, is summoned from her middle school one day. She travels through a windmill farm and brought to an island where she’s told that she is actually an Angel and, more importantly, that she is of Phoenix descent. She is the pivotal and final member of an assembly of others her age, called The Angel Army. The army includes Luce—the dangerously handsome dark Angel predestined to fall from Heaven—and Cave—a stowaway from Earth who is crushing on her hard—as well as eight Angels with magical talents, a feisty Fairy, and a nimble gnome. Audie’s ordinary life becomes drastically different as she transforms; she sprouts gold wings, receives a halo passed on from the mother she never met, and her fellow Angels teach her to use her hand-me-down Phoenix powers. However, before she even learns to fly she is told of the real reason she is needed: an evil Elder Angel has discovered a way to dominate Heaven. Haunted by dreams of her past Phoenix life, puzzled by her feelings for both the charming Luce and her human friend Cave, Audie has to conquer her newfound powers quickly because the future of Heaven rests on her wings. Can she fight against flying Dare Demons, the Marsh Master, the Frost Fairy, and Evil Souls to save Heaven? Can Audie change destiny and save Luce from falling to his fate?

Audie the Angel and the Angel Army is the first of three volumes in a Middle Grade to Young Adult fantasy adventure series that make up The Angel Archives. Hang onto your Halos, because this story is filled with wild winged adventure!

I give Audie the Angel and the Angel Army  5 out of 5 Stars

My Review:    Read more of this post

Review: Charles Dickens in Love by Robert Garnett

Today I am pleased to present my review of Charles Dickens in Love by Robert Garnett.  I’ve always enjoyed reading collections of correspondence from authors, and I’ve read many from Twain and Whitman to Emerson and Nabokov.   Enjoy!


Charles Dickens in Love
Robert Garnett
Pegasus Books
4 December, 2012
Hardcover and eBook
Purchase:  Amazon  §  Barnes & Noble  §  Google  §  Apple § Kobo

About the Book:   When Charles Dickens died in 1870 he was the best-known man in the English-speaking world the pre-eminent Victorian celebrity, universally mourned as both a noble spirit and the greatest of novelists. Yet when the first person named in his will turned out to be an unknown woman named Ellen Ternan, only a handful of people had any idea who she was, and her conspicuous presence in his will was a mystery. Of his romance with Ellen, Dickens had written, it belongs to my life and probably will only die out of the same with the proprietor, and so it was until his death she remained the most important person in his life.

She was not the first woman who had fired his imagination. As a young man he had fallen deeply in love with a woman who pervaded every chink and crevice of his mind for three years, Maria Beadnell, and when she eventually jilted him he vowed that I never can love any human creature breathing but yourself. A few years later he was stunned by the sudden death of his young sister-in-law, Mary Scott Hogarth, and worshiped her memory for the rest of his life. I solemnly believe that so perfect a creature never breathed, he declared, and when he died over thirty years later he was still wearing her ring.

Charles Dickens has no rival as the most fertile creative imagination since William Shakespeare, and no one influenced his imagination more powerfully than these three women, his muses and teachers in the school of love. Using hundreds of primary sources, Charles Dickens in Love narrates the story of the most intense romances of Dickens ‘s life, and shows how his novels both testify to his own strongest affections and serve as memorials to the young women he loved all too well, if not always wisely.

My Review: 

I have long been in love with the work of Charles Dickens and the informal glimpses into his thoughts through correspondence framed in context with this impeccably researched and presented book, have rekindled that flame anew.   This is truly a must-read for Dickens fans.

In the chosen letters you find the voice of the author, which may differ greatly from the work you have read. Whether demanding or morose, with flights of fancy and fits of pique:  all moments in his life, however fleeting and momentary.

This book does all of that and more, making my feet itch to travel to Niagara Falls and see it as he did, or find a vantage point in the mountains, to commune with memories and thoughts.  What emerges in this book is the great dichotomy that was Dickens.  A man obsessed with neatness and order, a proponent of orderliness in his home and person, with a cutthroat business sense fueled by great ambition.  Every conversation, every event was fodder for his imagination, facile enough to see three sides of a single coin and represent each viewpoint fully and succinctly.

I was provided an eBook copy through NetGalley from Open Road Integrated Media for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About the Author:

Robert Garnett has been researching Dickens for over a dozen years, has presented papers on him at many academic conferences, and has published articles on his life and novels in scholarly journals such as Dickens Quarterly and Dickens Studies Annual.

Favorite Reads of 2012: Jacqueline Paige and her new release: Heart, book 1 of the Animal Trilogy


Today I am pleased to present another of my Favorite Reads of 2012 by sharing the author and her latest work. Jacqueline Paige is a multi-published author of several books: her most recent release is Heart, the first in her Animal Trilogy.  In addition, Jacqueline has provided a ‘sneak peek’ into where she is thinking the series will go, as well as links to follow her and where to find her books.

Part of the reason I have chosen this author as one of my favorite reads is her characters.  Characters that develop and grow, worming their way into your head and heart, where they set up residence and you want to know more, needing that next book to touch back with the characters.  Her character development has become my archetypal standard when I read other books.


Title:  Heart
Author: Jacqueline Paige
Series:  Animal Trilogy, Book 1
Publisher:  Eternal Press
Format:  Paperback and eBook
Pages:  212
ISBN:  978-1615728039
Purchase:  Eternal Press § Amazon Paperback  §  Kindle  §  Barnes & Noble

About the Series / Book:    Three women without knowledge of their true heritage… Three men have waited for their mate all of their lives… Hearts and tempers collide with wild passions and animal instincts.

Torn from her sheltered life, Rayne is alone and scared after she discovers her fiancé is not the man she thought he was. Unable to accept the corrupt world he belongs to, she flees to the furthest possible location she can reach on her own. Nothing could ever prepare her for the journey and what she finds when she arrives. Is she strong enough to survive on her own? The epitome of the lone wolf, Devin stays in the wilderness and far away from people, avoiding the decision of whether to accept his title as leader and alpha of the pack. One alluring woman stirs his resolve and passion when she disturbs his solitary world. The man inside is tempted in a way he can’t understand but his wolf knows he’s found his mate. Can he have her without succumbing to the responsibilities waiting for him?

The Future of Animal Trilogy

It’s not often an entire plot comes to me, but with Animal Trilogy I wasn’t even finished the first book when the characters stories for the next two books started forming.  As soon as I met Gage and Calum, I knew they had to have a story.  My original plans were to write a single book, but once again my characters had other plans for me.

Heart opened so many avenues in their story that I had to keep a note book beside me to keep track of all the possibilities as I was writing.  In the next two books we’ll definitely be seeing more of Rayne and Devin.

The second book, Scent, is going to take us into the tiger shifter world with Gage and his mate Kelsey struggle to come together on terms they can both live with.   We’ll be seeing more of the Alliance in throughout this story as well, but that’s all I’m saying on that matter or I’ll give the entire plot away.

With the third book, Passion, Calum is going to find himself in a very strange situation, one where he can’t control, which is a very hard thing for the dominant panther shifter to accept.  It’s going to be a fun challenge to bring Calum’s mate into his world and see if he can keep his calm composure that we saw a bit of in the first book.

It’s going to be an adventure going into these stories, I can’t wait!    ~Jacqueline Paige

The Review:

With all of the books I have read from this author, characters reign supreme. Well defined and detailed characters highlight all of her books, and this series starter has two more characters that are sure to stay in your mind for weeks to come.  Points of view are always clearly voiced: confusion, self-doubt, love and even insecurities plague each of her characters, just as they do us in real life.

In this story, Rayne leaves the life she has always known in the midst of an emotional crisis.  Her desperation and confusion are detailed and there is instant sympathy for her underlying core of strength, even when her every reaction is one of a woman on the edge.   That random finger-point led her to the land of the lone wolf artist, Devin.  Jealously guarding his privacy, yet unmistakably attracted to Rayne on a level he doesn’t understand, the two are thrust into a series of interactions that are laden with tension, first in anger and later in unspoken attraction.

The characters in this book fairly leap off the page, the joy of being a reader is that you are seeing both parts of the romance long before the characters often realize their destiny is to be with one another.  With beautifully detailed world building, you can both see and feel the rainstorms and mouse-sized mosquitoes  even as you are on the edge of your seat riding out the danger with the characters.

As an opener for a series – this is a winner. I want to know more about Rayne and Devin, and see if they really do get their HEA as the trilogy progresses.

I received an eBook copy from the author in preparation for a beta read of book 2.  I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

I give Heart, book one in the Animal Trilogy 5 of 5 stars!

About the Author:   

I’m not even sure how long I sat here looked at the “About me” section … in a few short paragraphs I’m to explain who I am and how I got here.  Really, does anyone enjoy writing about themselves?  I write fiction for a reason, and maybe my ‘normal’ life is part of that reason.

Okay lets see ..

I am a mother to five adventurous and unpredictable children with an over active imagination that allows me to step outside of reality into a world of paranormal romance.

We live in Ontario, Canada and I avoid the ever changing weather of the region by creating other worlds to fall into stories of all things paranormal.

I began writing in 2006, not submitting that first story until 2009, since then fourteen of   original and entertaining books have been published.  I am always writing and currently have more than a dozen stories in one stage or another of the writing process.

Or the short version; I never sleep, never stop moving and drink a lot of caffeine!

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