Brigand: Noble Passions # 4 by Sabrina York with Extras!!

It’s no secret that I love historic romances, and Sabrina York has managed to create a wonderful cast of characters, all searching for understanding and love, even if they aren’t 100% certain they deserve it. Read on and see about the book, read an excerpt and you can ask for an entry to the “International Tiara Day” Celebration on Facebook – it’s an invite only event so you need to follow the instructions to get in….

In Brigand, readers will see Violet’s story as she is taken from the garden at her aunt’s home and dragged to Scotland to settle a debt.  There’s only one problem: Violet is not the woman betrothed to the Brigand Ewan “the McCloud”, but the two do have a history.  But Kaitlin’s brother Callum is not to be deterred: he owes a debt and delivering a bride to the McCloud is foremost in his mind.  In Dark Duke, we have seen Kaitlin’s response to her horrible brother, but Violet’s story has been left until now.

Violet is a dear, excited for her first season and trying desperately to manage her hellion brothers, she has developed a great relationship with her aunt and chaperone Hortense: even as Hortense isn’t happy after being dragged from the hustle of London back to her sister’s home.  On the whole, Violet is fairly obedient and malleable: naïve in many things, but dreams of a kiss many years ago has spoiled her: every man is unable to rise to the level of her crush on Ewan, the stable hand and son of a maid.

Ewan’s life of crime and struggle began when he had just rescued Violet from certain drowning when the ice gave way.  Someone caught their tender and gentle kiss, and told Violet’s father: he was beaten and he and his mother were turned out without reference. He holds a particular dislike of society for that and other ills, with thoughts of Violet igniting deep emotions that he would rather ignore.  With the need to provide for his sister, just of age to enter the round of debutante activities, he decided that Kaitlin would be the perfect entrée for Sophia with the tonne, polished and confident she could open doors that his rough-edge manners wouldn’t.

These two are adorable together: Ewan has lived with his anger for so long that he is clumsy with her feelings and emotions: even though he does always feel horrid afterwards.  Perhaps horrid is not the right word, he is guilty, but not so guilty as to not enjoy the time they have. When the deal is struck and Violet and Kaitlin both return to London for the season, Ewan’s ties to the men in the story are revealed, much to the surprise of Violet.

Brought under the careful tutelage of an old comrade met in France and the often formidable but utterly adorable Aunt Hortense, Ewan is polished up and dressed to suit the part of a wealthy gentleman, even if he can’t dance.  Yet, dealing with her brothers and their mischievous ways, and the jealousy he feels around every man on Violet’s dance card keep him barely civil and restrained.  Yet, his inner animal surfaces and claims her in front of the Archbishop and the tonne, much to the delight of this reader.

This is one of those stories where characters grab you and demand you pay attention: the bad boys aren’t really bad, the women aren’t utter pushovers and the most formidable character is a set of twin boys who never sit still.  The chemistry between Violet and Ewan is palpable, and there are plenty of moments where their passion scalds the pages: emotion and sensation combine to make these stories super fun, engaging and not to be missed.  I’ve purchased all in this series – and you should too!
~review first appeared at The Jeep Diva 25 April, 2014. 

I purchased a copy of the title for my own library. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Brigand: Noble Passions # 4 by Sabrina York with Extras!!

Title: Brigand
Author: Sabrina York
Genre: Historical Romance
Published by: Ellora's Cave
Source: Self-Purchased
Pages: 140
Rated: five-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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Kidnapped and held prisoner by a menacing Scottish brigand, Violet does her best to persevere and resist his rakish charms. When she realizes the brigand is really Ewan, the boy who once saved her life, who once kissed her and ruined her for all other kisses, she is lost.

Ewan desperately needs the respectability a titled bride can bring him. But when his kidnapped betrothed is delivered—bound and gagged—he discovers it’s the wrong woman. And not just any woman—it’s Violet, the person he blames for ruining his childhood. He keeps her, determined to punish her in every sinful way he can devise, until the seething passion between them strips away old grudges and leaves him reeling.

By the time he realizes the depths of his feelings for her, she’s fled. All he can do is follow her—and win her back by partaking in the glittering London Season, where the harpies are far more dangerous than a Scottish brigand. 


Holy Heaven. She would never take a bath for granted again.

Violet stumbled on the stairs and the contents of the heavy bucket sloshed, dousing her with hot water. She sucked in a breath as pain seared. She set the bucket on the landing and pulled her skirts up. Her skin was red. She ruffled the tatters of her petticoats, waiting for the sting to subside.

The door to the laird’s solar swung open. She stepped back so it wouldn’t hit her and It slammed into the wall. The McCloud glowered sown at her. His gaze stalled on her bare legs.

It was riveted – until she dropper her skirts – then he snapped, “What the hell is taking so long?” He glanced back at her damp skirts and his frown darkened. He picked up the last bucket and carried it to the tub, dumping it in himself, “For God’s sale. How long does it take to bring a few measly buckets up from the kitchen?”

A few measly buckets? It had taken twelve trips, each with a bucket that weighed near as much as she. Violet glared at him. “Is that enough?” She probably didn’t need to clip the words quite so much, but she had already worked for hours. She was tired and sweaty and her skin ached and Moma was waiting for her to help prepare dinner.

He swished his hand in the water. “Yes. I suppose that will do.”

Not a thank you. Not a smile. Nothing.

She whirled and started for the door.

“Where do you think you’re going?” His voice rumbled a deep tenor. Her steps slowed.

“Back to the kitchen.” She frowned at him over her shoulder. “I have work to do.”

“You have work to do here.”

“I beg your pardon?” What did he want her to do now, wash his bottom?

“You’re going to bathe me.”

Her heart stilled at his words, his intent and especially his expression. “Wh-what?”

“Come now, Violet. The laird of the manor can’t be expected to scrub his own back, can he now? Be a good girl, close the door and come over here.”

She gaped at him. Gaped. He expected her to remain in a room with a naked man? He expected her to touch him?

“Close your mouth. You look like a trout.”

“But….I c-can’t.  I can’t b-bathe you.”

“You can. And you will.”  His eyes glimmered with something other than humor. The unspoken threat hummed in the stony chamber. “You may want to turn around while I undress, unless you want an early education.”


With an undignified eep,, Violet whirled and showed him her back until she heard the splash and his gusty sigh.

“All right, girl. Get to work. Scrub my back.”  He gestured to a chunk of soap and a sponge on the small table.

She picked them up, approached the tub and knelt behind him, trying not to stare at the bunching muscles, the broad expanse of tanned skin. She couldn’t help but notice it was covered with scars.  Long and short, crisscrossing over one another. As though he’d been brutally beaten and lashed time after time aftet—

“Did you close the door?”

Her bubbling sympathy evaporated in a rush. She stuck her tongue out at him but only because he couldn’t see. Then, with a heavy sigh, she levered herself off the floor and closed the door. Well, slammed it.

His chuckle annoyed her more.

He leaned forward and peeped at her over his shoulder. “Come along now. My back isn’t going to scrub itself.”

She took her place behind him again, careful not to look at his broad, be-furred chest as she approached. She wet the soap and sponge and created a lather. Being very careful not to touch him, she began to scour his back.

He winced. “Not so hard.”

His plaintive tone probably shouldn’t have sent a shard of evil satisfaction through her, but it did. This man had been a boor to from the moment he’d found her on the floor in Callum MacAllister’s cottage. She dug deeper.

He lurched forward. “Ouch!”

“Hold still,” she muttered, making a wide swath across the ridged skin, “You’re filthy. I need to scrub.”

“I am not filthy.”

“You are. Stop wriggling.”
Amazingly, he did, though her efforts bordered on abuse. But my, it felt good.

When she started on his neck and ears, he caught her wrist. “All right. I think that’s enough.”

“I’m not done.”

“Oh, you’re not done.” He tugged her around to the side of the tub so she faced him. She focused on his crooked nose, schooled her attention not to drift lower. “Now it’s time for you to scrub my front.”

She really disliked his tone. There was mischief – and something much darker coiling in there. “Fine.” She dropped to her knees and wet the sponge again, but rather than dunking it, merely skimmed the surface of the water.

Fortunately the bath was murky so she couldn’t see anything. But she knew what was down there and she didn’t want to find it by accident. She trained her attention on his chest and her heart lurched.

A long, nasty scar scored him. Like a puckered lightning bolt, it made its jagged way from his left nipple down to his belly. Her pulse skittered. Her breath snagged in her throat. She’d only ever seen a scar like that once before.

A scar exactly like that.

Copyright © Sabrina York, 2014
All Rights Reserved: Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.


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