The Bride Wore Denim: Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys #1 by Lizbeth Selvig with Excerpt

The Bride Wore Denim: Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys #1 by Lizbeth Selvig with Excerpt

I’ll tell you a secret – I’m addicted to romance stories with family input and the dynamics that are always in play. Lizbeth Selvig’s new release, is the first in the Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys series, and fits that obsession perfectly.  Please read on for my review and an excerpt. Be sure to check the tour stops to see what other readers thought, and don’t forget to enter the tour-wide giveaway where you could win one of ten (10) digital download copies of THE BRIDE WORE DENIM by Lizbeth Selvig.

The Bride Wore Denim

It’s been a couple of years since I read my first book by this author: I loved her ability to create characters that resonated and could breathe in the corner of the room as I read  (in that non-stalker totally not creepy way).  Now with a new series that has all of the elements I love: family concerns, a chance to resolve past issues, the recognition of true desires and a chance at happiness that realigns your life plans.

Harper has returned to Wyoming after years away pursuing her art and her own life. She’s always seen herself as the black sheep, and never quite fit in with her perceptions of a rancher: either life or wife.  With her father’s death, many unresolved issues about their relationship, the way the sisters (there are 6 girls in this family) related to him and to one another, and the difficult decisions that face them all regarding the ranch become major players and elements in this story.

Cole grew up on the neighboring ranch, but lost that legacy when his father sold the land to Harper’s father.  Always carrying a torch for Harper, he’d dated her sister Amelia on and off through high school and after, only to have it end amicably. In ways that often happen, while he’d never actually say it, I think Cole was with Amelia because she was handy, and Harper wasn’t interested.  But, not surprisingly, Cole KNOWS the Crockett girls very well, and he understands the dynamics behind their behavior.

For me, the highlight of this story was the characters. Of course, there is a crisis surrounding the management of the ranch, but the interactions between the sisters, Harper’s very strong interior monologue and her own concerns, and that connection with Cole build a need to know tension that had me racing through the pages to see what was next. Each character has a solidity and personality, you can almost envision yourself in the midst of the conversations, and you want to (or I did) slap Amelia about the head and shoulders repeatedly. SO judgmental and angry, lashing out at everyone, with her “I’m better, smarter, more important’ vibe.  From the outside, you can see it as defensive, hiding an insecurity and hurt feelings, but from a sibling perspective, it’s a serious smack down from the sister furiously exerting her dominance inherited with birth order.

For Cole and Harper are perfectly suited: he GETS her, he appreciates her outlook on the world and life, and understands that her (for Wyoming ranchers) ‘hippie ideas” are actually sound and logical. More importantly, she lights up and is more ‘herself’ around him.  Of course the squidgy issue of the years he and Amelia dated is looming large: but they both agreed that they were better as friends than as a couple. But still, that history exists, with her sister, so Harper is understandably reluctant, no matter the long-standing crush.

Moments and descriptions are little gems, often humor brings a scene to technicolor life: “multicolored escaped fowl that careened around the yard like over-caffeinated bees”, or “what a little freedom and gang mentality could do….they’d turned into a band of egg-laying gangsters, helping each other escape the law.” Those are descriptions that are laden with imagery, humor and provide some truths beneath the lighthearted phrasing. Sprinkled throughout the book, those funny moments fill the story with lightness while never deflecting focus, and keep the reader seeing what is in front of them with ever-increasing clarity. A wonderful coming-home, romance, family saga, story of finally growing up. Sure to be a favorite on bookshelves everywhere.

The Bride Wore Denim: Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys #1 by Lizbeth Selvig with Excerpt

Title: The Bride Wore Denim
Author: Lizbeth Selvig
Series: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers #1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published by: Avon Impulse
ISBN: 0062413929
Published on: 21 July 2015
Source: Publisher Via Edelweiss
Pages: 384
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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When Harper Lee Crockett returns home to Paradise Ranch, Wyoming, the last thing she expects is to fall head-over-heels in lust for Cole, childhood neighbor and her older sister's long-time boyfriend. The spirited and artistic Crockett sister has finally learned to resist her craziest impulses, but this latest trip home and Cole's rough-and-tough appeal might be too much for her fading self-control.

Cole Wainwright has long been fascinated by the sister who's always stood out from the crowd. His relationship with Amelia, the eldest Crockett sister, isn't as perfect as it seems, and with Harper back in town, he sees everything he's been missing. Cole knows they have no future together—he's tied to the land and she's created a successful life in the big city—but neither of them can escape their growing attraction or inconvenient feelings.

As Harper struggles to come to grips with new family responsibilities and her forbidden feelings for Cole, she must decide whether to listen to her head or to give her heart what it wants.

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A copy of this title was provided via Publisher Via Edelweiss for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Tasty Excerpt


She wanted to tell him then. She’d promised herself not to say anything to anyone about her news until after the funeral. This was not about her and her dreams—this was about her father and the end of his. So she stared at the sky and, in her mind, mixed the oil colors that would approximate its vivid beauty on canvas.

Her fingers itched for her brushes. Her head and heart longed for a secluded room and an easel. But she hadn’t brought any supplies with her from Chicago. She’d contented herself with a sketchbook and case of pencils. This trip was not about escape, and a good daughter wouldn’t keep wishing for it. Then again, when had she ever been the good daughter?

The rainbow intensified. Cole held her more tightly. The rain slowed further and after a few more moments, she realized it had stopped altogether.

“I guess we should go in. I volunteered to find Joely for purely selfish reasons—I wanted to get away.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“I should be in with the rest of the family. It just seems better if I don’t spend too much time with Mia, and I was one step from having to organize food with her. Not a good plan.”

“Your Mia? Dr. Amelia Crockett, the very one who keeps all order and makes all peace? Why would you need to keep your distance from your sister?”

“Amelia moved out a dozen years ago and has never looked back. We haven’t lived together in all that time. But to her, I’m still the hippie screw-up, the sister who couldn’t be organized if her life depended on it. She’s a lot like Dad. I get tired of her telling me what to do as if I don’t understand the world.” She laughed humorlessly. “She was always the border collie and I was the sheep she couldn’t get into the pen.”

“I miss the border collies,” he said. “Loved the ones we had. But Mia is no border collie, Harpo. She doesn’t care where the sheep go—she’s only worried about her own destination. She’s more like a bloodhound.”

“I disagree. Mia could organize squirrels to line dance if she wanted to. Sorry. I’m speaking ill of your ex.”

Harper hoped no old bitterness bled through the words. Childhood pettiness had no place in their lives anymore, especially at a time like this.

“I love Mia,” he said, “and I’m sorry things are strained between you. But ‘ex’ the operative word here, so I’m not necessarily on her side. I think this is a hard time and you sisters haven’t been around each other enough to smooth things over. Give it time.”

“Okay, enough of the sensitive cowboy,” Harper grumbled.

That was another thing she was remembering about Cole. For a ranch-loving cowboy, he’d always been accused of having a streak of insight and chivalry in him that most macho guys lacked. The soul of a cowboy poet. It was why he’d once juxtaposed so well with the straight-shooting, ultra- efficient Amelia.




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About Lizbeth Selvig

Lizbeth Selvig writes fun, heartwarming contemporary romantic fiction for Avon books. Her debut novel, The Rancher and the Rock Star, was released in 2012. Her second, Rescued By A Stranger is a 2014 RWA RITA® Award nominee. Liz lives in Minnesota with her best friend (aka her husband), a hyperactive border collie named Magic and a gray Arabian gelding named Jedi. After working as a newspaper journalist and magazine editor, and raising an equine veterinarian daughter and a talented musician son, Lizbeth entered Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart® contest in 2010 with The Rancher and the Rock Star (then titled Songbird) and won the Single Title Contemporary category.
In her spare time, she loves being a brand new grandma to Evelyn Grace as well as to hike, quilt, read, horseback ride, and play with her four-legged grandchildren, of which there are nearly twenty, including a wallaby, an alpaca, a donkey, a pig, a sugar glider, and many dogs, cats and horses (pics of all appear on her website She loves connecting with readers—contact her any time!

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