Mrs. Boots Goes to War: Mrs. Boots #3 by Deborah Carr

Mrs. Boots Goes to War: Mrs. Boots #3 by Deborah Carr

Deborah Carr comes to the blog with the third installment of her Mrs. Boots series, the story of the woman behind the Boots Chemists with  

Mrs. Boots Goes to War  

The third in the series yet the first I have read takes us into World War I and is told from the perspective of Florence (Lady) Boots, wife of Jesse Boots, the chemist and owners of the Boots empire.  Not having read the first two in the series did not dampen my enjoyment of this story, yet I will be reading the earlier to get to know the backstory that wasn’t provided, and to see the challenges that faced this couple – both personal and business wise.  Florence is a woman far ahead of her time, and her three children, now grown, are all making their marks in the world in ways unexpected. Yet with her husband’s health declining, and the ramp up (and start) of the war now facing her, Florence is faced with several upsetting developments and her determination to do “all they can” for both the men at war and those on the home front are paramount.  

With her son enlisting she’s devastated: her eldest daughter has just married, and the company is facing several personnel shortages as men are leaving to fight the war, expecting (as they did) that it would all be over in a few short months.  From finding girls leaving the sales and production floors to work in armaments, to her own worries about her son – her youngest daughter announces her determination to go to France to help the war effort.  With all the changes, we see how Florence (although well off) does her level best to remain positive, help others, live with restrictions and find new ways to help further the war effort – from brainstorming new ideas for the stores with her husband, to finding people to work in production, to cheering on or supporting staff who’ve had losses and suffered deprivations. The research is impeccable and gives a view into the sacrifices that even the ‘right minded’ people, although well off, suffered – from worries about family and friends, to the small joys that arrived in the form of wives, husbands, grandchildren and hope for more and better, Florence remained a stalwart champion of her ‘girls’ on the shop floors and production, her family and those around her.   

Unique for her true partnership with her husband – who gave her both kudos and trust with ideas, running departments and finally becoming the “person in charge’ Florence was light-years ahead of other women of the age, and felt far more modern than one might expect.  Based on the actual story of Boots Chemist shop, the development of the characters, the heart and the actual detailing of advancements and products created just to help the war effort, not to mention her own family’s sacrifices in serving – both in the military and as in the case of her daughter, opening a spot for soldiers returning home with wounds or for short leaves to get a ‘taste of home’ and a kind word.  Truly this was a bit difficult to absorb all the challenges and losses but leaving readers with a sense of life going on and that never to be discounted admiration for those who steadily and constantly worked from the background to help win the war for Britain.  

Mrs. Boots Goes to War: Mrs. Boots #3 by Deborah Carr

Title: Mrs. Boots Goes to War
Author: Deborah Carr
Series: Mrs. Boots #3
Genre: Historic Woman's Fiction, Historical Fiction, British, Family Saga, Friendship, Historic Elements, Older Heroine / Hero, Romantic Elements, Setting: Britain, Sociological Relevancy, World War I
Published by: Harper Collins UK, One More Chapter
ISBN: 0008436320
Published on: 19 February, 2021
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Pages: 400
Rated: four-stars
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The world is at war and her country needs her

When Florence’s son, John, announces that he has enlisted, she is horrified but determined to hold her family together during the oncoming hardships they are to face.

Men are returning to England wounded, with many more not returning at all, families are struggling, and Florence's ‘Dear Girls’ are risking their lives in new and dangerous jobs. Florence might be older now, but she has no intention of sitting back on her laurels while others fight for King and Country. She knows what needs to be done…

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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    • It was marvelously entertaining – I have the other two in my “when you want to read for fun” queue – so I can get the whole story from the beginning. I never knew that Boots started as an actual chemists – perhaps I thought it was an 80’s sort of start up. Learn something every day! Thank you for the story

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