One more list from Kiks! It’s all about the books!

One more list from Kiks! It's all about the books!

This is the random post of the week. And another list, of course! Not because I don’t have things to say. Quite the opposite! I don’t think I can fit my ramblings in a normal post. Of course, everything has to do with books!


So let me make my list, once more

  1. I am behind on my goodreads challenge for 2016. How that keeps happening? I keep adding books I want to read, or even worse I keep buying them, but I have limited time to read! I’ve decided that I’ll read at least a few minutes before going to sleep, in hopes that it won’t turn into an all-nighter, in an effort to deal with my massive “to-be-read” pile! That said, let’s move on to number two of this list!
  2. I am trying to get my reading in order. It’s not happening, but I’m not giving up! I have 2 more arcs to read, I’m waiting another one from a friend to land on my greedy greedy hands. The problem in all this? I never know what type of book I’ll be in the mood for, once I finish the one I’m currently reading. So, even if I really want to get into binge reading, sometimes I feel the need of taking a break from a specific genre. Or even worse! When the due date for an arc review approaches, I haven’t written my review yet and I have absolutely no wish to re-visit said arc, in order to freshen up and write the review!
  3. My book hoarding addiction is out of hand! I now have no room for new books! Of course that doesn’t mean I won’t be buying new ones…. Or pre-loved ones, I don’t discriminate! Yes, I do love the smell and the feel of a new book, but a getting a pre-loved one feels like giving home to someone that wasn’t wanted by the previous owner!
    Update : I rearranged my shelves and I now have room for a few more books. Which are bound to arrive at the end of this week.


And just to remind you what I’m currently reading and loving

Black Dagger Brotherhood