Blue Moon Brides, Box Set by Anne Marsh with Giveaway

Blue Moon Brides, Box Set by Anne Marsh with Giveaway

Welcome to my stop for the Blue Moon Brides Box Set release by Anne Marsh. Please be sure to check out the other tour stops and don’t forget to enter the tour wide giveaway where you could win a $25 Gift Card to Amazon or Barnes.

Book Review:

Tempted by the Pack: Blue Moon Brides # 1

Rafer Breaux is six plus feet of sexy Cajun male with a predatory edge. The edge is wholly appropriate since he is a werewolf, and an unmated one at that.  Anne Marsh introduces us to the Breaux brothers and their Louisiana Bayou lifestyle and sets their legend and story up with a unique premise. 

Lark Andrews is struggling to keep her home and business: running a flower farm is difficult and time consuming, and leaves her little time for a relationship or dating.  But then Rafer appears and their connection is electric.  Rafer isn’t convinced yet, however, until the Blue Moon brings the pack to her door, as the fated mate of one of the brothers.

It’s never easy for the wolves: they share everything, and they are running out of time to find their mates or their wolf side will take over and they won’t be able to shift.  And, those pesky vampires can’t end the feud, capturing and killing fated mates, and skinning the wolves to protect themselves from light.  The tension, action and full-on sexual tension and release make this a page turner: humor and some truly well-described settings, actions and behaviors give readers a visual impression of the story and the characters.

Stars: 4 Flames: 3


Pleasured by the Pack: Blue Moon Brides # 2

Another moon has come, and Mary Jane, a local oyster fisherman is desperate for deckhands. Normally she won’t hire men, but when Dre and Landry Breaux, of the Breaux brothers sign on to both crew and protect the women on board, the small boat shrinks with these two alpha males.

While Dre and Landry believed that Riley, the ship’s mechanic, was the one glowing in the moon’s rays, these twins are torn between claiming their bride in Mary Jane, or letting the pack know that another bride is there for the taking.

You can’t help but love these twins – sharing everything and a mate is no exception. Alpha, protective, honest and utterly committed to being everything their pack and mates need – the tension in this story was amped up by the very determined vampires and their determination to snatch the women away. Mary Jane has plenty to come to terms with, and she does so eventually when she realizes that she never has felt safer or more cherished as when she is in the arms of Dre and Landry.

Stars: 4  Flames:  4


Claimed by the Pack: Blue Moon Brides # 3

My favorite of the three, we had met Riley in the last book before she was dragged away by the vampires.  While Dre and Landry knew she was a pack bride, they didn’t know for whom. Secretly, or perhaps not so, every one of the Breaux brothers was hoping that she was meant for Dag.  He is the brother most in danger of losing his humanity, shifting to human form is becoming more difficult for him.

Riley has been taken by the vampires, but she isn’t one to sit idly by and wait for the vampire to make a snack out of her. Well, any more than he already has. But she has secrets too: and a group of women who rely on her for protection from abusive spouses.  When Dag hunts her down, she isn’t convinced he can play nice, and she decides she will call on her own family and their skills.

Riley is so funny in her dealings with Dag, he’s often flummoxed with simple words, let alone romance and softness: his wolf is always close to the surface.  When Riley shares her secret, and Dag pulls it together enough to declare his intentions in a way that she needs, their story just makes you smile.  Their bond and their interactions are delightful, and their chemistry is off the chain.  The tension in this story is amplified with the danger from the vampires, and the worry for the innocents in the firing line.

These three stories all give a lovely taste of the Bayou-based Breaux brothers and their search for the mates that will complete them.  Whether in one on one, or giant pack cuddles, the sexual tension and release are off the chains hot, fueled by truly enjoyable characters that are clever and fun.

Stars: 5  Flames: 4


Blue Moon Brides, Box Set by Anne Marsh with Giveaway

Title: Blue Moon Brides Box Set
Author: Anne Marsh
Published by: Self-Published
Source: Author via Tour Company
Pages: 380
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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Discover New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Anne Marsh’s sexy Blue Moon Brides series! This boxed set includes the first three Blue Moon Brides books: TEMPTED BY THE PACK, PLEASURED BY THE PACK and CLAIMED BY THE PACK.

Once in a blue moon… the Pack hunts for mates.


For Rafer Breaux, life in the Louisiana Bayou is harsh, violent—and deeply sensual. The Cajun werewolf lives for his Pack and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep his brothers safe. The longer a wolf lives without a mate, the harder it becomes for that wolf to shift back. To remember that he is a man—and not a monster. And those mates can only be found during a blue moon. When a blue moon finally rises, Rafer will need every weapon in his sensual arsenal to tempt one special woman into his arms and the heart of the Pack.

Fighting to keep her family farm, Lark Andrews isn’t looking for love. Even if the very sexy Breaux brothers make her dream of hot bayou nights spent in their arms. When the blue moon leads Rafer to her door, however, Rafer has her rethinking her position on all work and no play. Now, the bayou nights are heating up as Rafer fights to convince her, one sensual touch at a time, to give love and passion a chance. But Rafer isn’t a one wolf deal. Is there room in Lark’s heart—and bed—for Rafer and his Pack?


Dre and Landry Breaux do everything together. Fishing, fighting—and loving. A whole lot of loving. When the blue moon leads these Cajun werewolves to their fated mate, however, they’re ready to reform. Now, they’ll fight to keep the woman of their dreams safe from the evils lurking in the Louisiana bayou—and to tempt her into taking a chance on two of the bayou’s sexiest bad boys.

Mary Jane Johnson is no heartbreaker. Running from a troubled past, the bayou captain wants only to be left alone. When she takes a pair of bayou bad boys on board, however, Dre and Landry have her rethinking her need for space. These two big males have promised to take orders—all of her orders. Suddenly, she’s dreaming of getting as close as possible… to both of the Breaux brothers.


Alpha to the bone, Cajun shifter Dag Breaux must find his Blue Moon bride to preserve his humanity. Each passing day sees him lost further and further in the shift, more wolf than man. Emotions and feelings are foreign territory for Dag and all he has to offer his newfound female is raw, passionate sex and protection from the centuries-old vampire stalking the Louisiana bayou.

Bayou mechanic Riley Jones stands on her own two feet. Always. She doesn’t need or want Dag’s infuriating brand of protection. Plus, she has secrets of her own that she’s desperate to keep. But there’s no denying the passion that burns between them and in the arms of her rough and tough shifter she discovers a darkly sensuous, no-holds-barred loving. When the vampire threatens Riley’s nearest and dearest, she must ask herself if resisting Dag’s mate claim is worth losing everything she cares about… or if teaching her wolf to love is worth the risk.


A copy of this title was provided via Author via Tour Company for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.



About Anne Marsh

I live in Northern California with my husband, two kids and four cats. After ten years of graduate school and too many degrees, I escaped to become a technical writer. When not planted firmly in front of the laptop translating Engineer into English, I enjoy gardening, running (even if it’s just to the 7-11 for slurpees), and reading books curled up with my kids. The best part of writing romance, however, is finally being able to answer the question: “So… what do you do with a PhD in Slavic Languages and Literatures?”


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