Blogger Shame Review Challenge – 2018

Back again for another year (and the late reviews keep on kicking!) again from Anna at Herding Cats!

If you’ve been blogging a while you have it…
A Blogger Shame pile.
All those review books that somehow slipped through the cracks and just didn’t get reviewed when they should have.


This is just a fun way of making it right and getting those old review copies reviewed.
Some Details
Review books must be at least 4 months past due to count!
You can create a specific list of titles to tackle or just a generic number of titles to complete (ex I’ll finish 12 reviews)
Any format you accept the review copy counts.

My Goal

Being honest -I’d love to not have this category at all -but life and schedules interrupt – so ..

2018 I’ll set a goal of 30  and track my progress below!

  1. The Pirate and I by Katharine Ashe