Blog Policies

Blog and Review Policies

*Updated as of 1 January 2017. Effective Immediately.


  • Information on this blog with the exception of Book Cover Art and Book Synopsis are wholly created by Gaele, and may not be reprinted, copied, or used without permission. Refer to “Republication Requests” for questions about use.
  • Affiliate accounts, in which a small commission may be paid for your purchase are clearly outlined. There are no paid reviews or articles appearing on this blog, and this blog is free of conflict of interest: all potentially conflicting information appearing will be clearly noted.
  • This is primarily a review blog: book and audiobooks in several genres will be reviewed and promoted. Limited guest posts and author interviews will appear.  I work with a limited number of proven and reliable book promotion sites, and with several publishers and publicists.
  • Genres accepted will include: Romance including Paranormal, Historic, Contemporary, LGBTQ, & Historic. Young and New Adult, LIMITED Teen and  Middle Grade reads.  Cozy Mysteries, Urban Fantasy, Light Fantasy and Light Science Fiction.
  • I do NOT accept: High Concept Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror, Self-Help, Christian Theme, Business or serialized reads.
  • ALL reviews are FINAL. There is no disputing a review in content, crafting or conclusion. The ONLY exception made is for factual mistake in the review. Disputes about review or questions about conclusion are to be addressed DIRECTLY to me
  • ONLY Professionally edited (no I am an editor / my mother / my teacher / self-edited) work will be accepted.
  • Book MUST be listed on At Least ONE sale site (Amazon, Barnes, Kobo, iTunes, Audible) AND on Goodreads.


Review Ratings:

5 stars: book is one that I would recommend to everyone – well crafted, unique story, believable characters, emotional content – could not put down.

4 stars:  still a really good book – but missing some ‘oomph’ that makes me think everyone could like it

3 stars: workable title, with more good points than bad – just needed more emotion / character development / plot direction etc.  Will be favorite for some – just not everyone

2 stars:  book needs work in construct, plot and direction. Characters are flat / wooden, ideas are half-developed or not at all.  Could not recommend

1 star:  this is a title that is in rough draft form, or derivative without compelling text to read on.


Flame ratings:  these encompass sexual content

5 flames: Multiple partners, anal sex, same sex, menagé, heavily fetished read

4 flames: same sex, multiple sex scenes, bdsm-light, sex as characterization device

3 flames: most contemporary romance – 2 – 4 scenes that are detailed, or any historical romance with detailed sexual scenes

2 flames: fade to black scenes, no more than one detailed scene

1 flame: YA/Teen read – no sexual detail
*blogger reserves right to place ‘content warning’ on titles for violence, drug use or overly triggering sex scenes (rape and rape fantasy / child sexualization / psychological games)