A Better Man: Sunshine Creek Vineyard #1 by Candis Terry with Giveaway

A Better Man: Sunshine Creek Vineyard #1 by Candis Terry with Giveaway

Candis Terry has a new contemporary romance series, Sunshine Creek Vineyard, and you get to discover it here! Please read on for my review and excerpt, be sure to check the tour stops to see what other readers thought about the title and don’t forget to enter the tour wide giveaway where you could win a a Print Set of the Sweet, Texas Series: ANYTHING BUT SWEET, SWEETEST MISTAKE. SOMETHING SWEETER, SWEET SURPRISE, and TRULY SWEET (US Only). But first,

A Better Man

Finally I start a Candis Terry series at the very beginning… one of my ‘ooh I must’ grabs for contemporary romance.  In this new series, Sunshine Creek Village, we get to meet a whole new family, and dive into the world of her making with A Better Man.

Jordan spent most of his life dreaming of the ice and away: now a hockey star with his own set of commitments and issues, he’s thrust back home with the news of his parents’ death.  Returning home to reconnect with his brothers (four) and seventeen year old baby sister.  While Jordan loves his family, he’s been away chasing his own dreams which has created some distance between them all, and the anger he experiences from his sister Nicole (aptly nicknamed Baby Dragon) confuses and hurts him.

Lucy never really left Sunshine Creek and now works as a creative writing teacher at the high school. Years ago she, like others, crushed on Jordan and was sorely disappointed.  That, a difficult childhood and some decisions made with the inexperience of youth left her with one failed marriage and a serious guarded nature.  While she’s concerned for Nicole, and wants to help the girl deal with everything on her plate, seeing Jordan some 15 years later was not in her plan.

So many different elements come into play in this story: the family members (particularly Nicole) who felt abandoned by Jordan’s leaving. Jordan’s own lack of effort, not in a malicious way but in thinking ‘it’s family- they’ll always be there’ attitude. The struggles with the vineyard and running a business, the grief over the loss of their parents, Lucy’s trust issues, the budding relationship between Jordan and Lucy, and the questions behind Nicole’s anger and acting out. Each element is completely real and tangible: you can see the why and understand where it comes from, but then you always have other ideas of what should be done.  Then, as the story unfolds, it is apparent that Terry has not only thought through ALL the possible options, but, it couldn’t have worked so well had any other choice or direction been taken.

Jordan and Lucy are wonderful: she needs reassurances and honesty. Jordan is not the most intuitive or insightful, he needs more plain speaking and decided answers. This pushes Lucy to actually think about, and truly decide what is important for her: and put it into actual words. When you add in the family dynamics and the moments with Nicole, the story is so full it could burst, in all the best ways! Heart, redemption, resolution and hope all combine to start us on the journey with the Kincades.

A Better Man: Sunshine Creek Vineyard #1 by Candis Terry with Giveaway

Title: A Better Man
Author: Candis Terry
Series: Sunshine Creek Vineyard #1
Also in this series: Perfect for You, Tangled Up in Tinsel
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Published by: Avon
ISBN: 0062351184
Published on: 29 March 2016
Source: Publisher Via Edelweiss
Pages: 368
Rated: five-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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Meet the Kincade brothers: they’ll do what it takes to protect their legacy—but what happens when love gets in the way?

Hockey star Jordan Kincade wasted no time ditching Sunshine Valley and everyone who mattered for a career in the NHL—a truth Jordan confronts when his parents’ deaths bring him home. Now he’s back to make amends, which begins with keeping his younger sister from flunking out of school. It’s just his luck that the one person who can help is the girl whose heart he broke years ago.

Lucy Diamond has racked up a number of monumental mistakes in her life, the first involving a certain blue-eyed charmer. She has no intention of falling for Jordan Kincade again, but when he shows up asking her to help one of her students, Lucy just can’t say no. Worse, the longer he’s back, the more she sees how much he’s changed. And so when a blistering kiss turns to more, she can’t help but wonder if her heart will be crushed again . . . or if she’ll discover true love with a better man.

A copy of this title was provided via Publisher Via Edelweiss for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


Header - Excerpt - Tasty

Today, she was a different person. Stronger because of the things she’d lived through. Smarter because she’d found a way to survive and come out the other side in a happy place. She knew exactly where she belonged, and that was teaching and helping students like Nicki. Which was why, right now, she was going to pull on her big girl panties and face the boy who had disappointed her head on.


Lucy managed to pull herself together as Jordan removed his sunglasses and slid them to the top of his head. His smile lifted a masculine pair of lips that somehow managed to look cruel and sexy at the same time.


The boy had turned into a man times ten.


Tall and broad shouldered, his chest looked a mile wide. Judging by the smooth ripples beneath his snug shirt he was packing muscle, not pounds. Jeans, worn and frayed at the stress points, accented his long muscular legs and trim waist. His longish nearly black hair gleamed beneath the overhead lights. And his sharp blue eyes focused intently on her.

It was all she could do to keep her heart at a normal pace and her legs solidly beneath her. If ever a man could be described as delicious, Jordan Kincade would be a menu’s specialty of the day.


Too bad he was such a jerk.


“Ms. Diamond?” He came forward and stretched out his very large hand. “Jordan Kincade.”


And clearly he didn’t remember her.


Lucy smiled as a funny little tickle moved through her chest. Maybe this was going to be fun after all. Rarely was she ever given the upper hand or the opportunity to have even the slightest edge.


When he moved closer his warm palm engulfed hers and her triumph died with a sizzle.


Close up she got a better look. She inhaled his sexy scent of worn leather and warm man. Every square inch of her female DNA perked up like it was party time. She hated to disappoint the little darlings but today was all about helping someone else.


“Please.” She kept the handshake brief and formal before she disengaged and motioned toward the chair in front of her desk. “Have a seat.”


He glanced at the standard school chair with a you’ve got to be kidding me lift of his brows. When he sat down, the orange plastic chair creaked and seemed ridiculously small beneath the scope of his height and muscles.


Lucy took her own seat and noticed that the difference in chairs made her tower over him and seemingly give her another advantage. But when he leaned back and crossed an ankle over a knee, he appeared completely comfortable.


So much for one-upmanship.


“I apologize if I seemed taken aback just now.” She opened the folder and pulled out Nicole’s progress report as well as several exams and the few assignments Nicole had actually turned in. Late, of course, but complete nonetheless. “I expected your brother Ryan.”


“He had business at the vineyard and sends his regrets.”


She couldn’t help notice how very deep and smooth his voice had become. Like hot buttered rum on a cold winter night. He had the kind of voice a woman could imagine whispering sweet nothings in her ear while he caressed her in places that tingled beneath his touch.


“I understand.” Snapping out of the fantasy, she imagined the enormous scope of duties Ryan Kincade must need to tend to after the death of their parents. Her heart sank a little further for the family. Especially for Nicole, who was so young and really needed the love and guidance of her mom and dad. “I hope you’ll accept my condolences. And I sincerely apologize for having you come down at this sorrowful time to deal with what might seem insignificant but—”


“Anything regarding my sister is important, Ms. Diamond. Now more than ever.” His brows dipped in a no nonsense fashion. “So don’t judge me when you don’t even know me.”


Oh, she knew him.


Knew he was the type who’d make a promise then shatter it without ever looking back.


But that was then, and this was now.


“My apologies, Mr. Kincade. That was certainly not my intent.”


His piercing eyes perused her face for a long, uncomfortable moment and she had to admit that the look did something funny to the beat of her heart.


Especially when with a slight tilt of his head he asked, “Why do you look so familiar?”


“Do I?” That erratic heartbeat kicked up another notch as she let go a chuckle to cover up what was really going on inside. “People say that all the time. I guess I just have one of those faces.”

She pushed Nicole’s schoolwork in his direction. “If you’ll take a look at these projects, you’ll see that even though she didn’t complete the assignment exactly as it was defined, Nicole has an enormous gift.”


“I’m pretty sure that’s a lie.”


“Excuse me?” Irritated, Lucy’s gaze shot up to the slight smile curling his lips. “How can you say that without even reading anything? I guarantee your sister has a multitude of talent.”


“I’m not talking about my sister’s work. I’m talking about you just having one of those faces.” He uncrossed his long, muscular legs and leaned forward without even looking at the papers she’d put in front of him. “So now I’m wondering why you sidestepped my question.”


Good God the man was intense. There was something in the combination of that nearly black hair that fell over his ears and his nape in perfect waves and those deep blue eyes that seemed almost otherworldly. She could imagine how he’d intimidate an opponent on the ice.


And it had nothing to do with his size.


But as far as admitting who she really was? Not going to happen. No need to dredge up a bad memory when all she really wanted was to help his sister.


“I apologize.” Her heart beat erratically as she avoided the intensity of his gaze. “But I would like to stick to the subject of your sister’s grades—or lack thereof—that may prevent her from graduating with the rest of her class. I genuinely care about her which is why I noticed a problem way before the loss of your parents.”


“And now you won’t even look at me,” he said. “Why is that?”


As he leaned in, his intoxicating scent came with him. Normally such things didn’t affect her. Well, at least not with her colleagues who tended to wear either too much aftershave or worse, too much body odor. Jordan wore his masculine scent like a sexual promise and Lucy swore he should come with a warning label.

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About Candis Terry

Candis Terry was born and raised near the sunny beaches of Southern California and now makes her home on an Idaho farm. She’s experienced life in such diverse ways as working in a Hollywood recording studio to chasing down wayward steers. Only one thing has remained the same: her passion for writing stories about relationships, the push and pull in the search for love, and the security one finds in their own happily ever after.


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