Bad Cop: Heroes of Henderson #2 by Liz Kelly

Bad Cop: Heroes of Henderson #2 by Liz Kelly

After having the opportunity to review the first in the Heroes of Henderson series from Liz Kelly, I’m back to review the second installment. Narrated by Charles Lawrence, please read on for my review of

Bad Cop

Focusing on the second half of the friend-duo introduced in the first book, this story is Vance’s tale. And I’ll admit, of the two friends, he was the one I found needed the most time to grow up and leave his childish behaviors behind.  He had few redeeming features, and his competitive streak with his more mature and honorable friend Brooks tilted toward too much too often.

But here we have Vance’s chance to redeem (or bury) himself, and hopefully show some growth and maturity along the way. Brooks and Lolly have softened him, and she’s made him want more from life and to change his reputation. Lolly knows this is an uphill battle, but she’s determined to believe in this former himbo’s desire to be better.

Vance is struggling with what he ‘should’ do juxtaposed with what his ‘instincts’ tell him, especially when it comes to the woman who got away, in fourth grade, Piper.  When his mother left his family, Piper became his best friend, his solace and his comfort. Even when Vance moved on and through a cavalcade of women, she’s kept an eye on him, if quietly. But she hasn’t remained static: now a successful defense attorney, she’s got a bit of the defense attorney’s bias toward police, and most especially toward Vance. Of course, seeing Piper all grown up now, he realizes that he met, and dumped her years ago at a bar- so he’s got lots of ground to make up.

Like the first, this was a clever feel-good read, this one having a bit more substance with Vance’s issues and Piper’s attitude toward him, and in terms of her determination to defend ALL of her clients.  She’s the same feisty, take charge and protective woman that was foreshadowed in the feisty little blonde fourth grader, and there’s plenty of laugh out loud moments as she gives back as good as she gets…repeatedly.  The interplay with Vance and Piper shoots sparks – fueled by attraction and old insecurities, finally coming to a head when they both let down their guards.

Narration in this story is again provided by Charles Lawrence, and his skilled and nuanced use of tone, delivery and pitch perfectly suit this story. Never overreaching for a voice or a moment, the characters come alive in his presentation, and his ability to add subtle pauses that serve as moments to digest the humor, impact and subtext in the conversations impacted the story and provide a wonderful listen.

A solid follow up to Good Cop, Kelly did manage to flush out Vance’s character and add depth to this humorous and enjoyable story. A bit more substantial than the first, this story gives readers and listeners a great getaway, make you smile story.

Stars:  Overall 4  Narration 4  Story 3.5

Bad Cop: Heroes of Henderson #2 by Liz Kelly

Title: Bad Cop
Author: Liz Kelly
Series: Heroes of Henderson #2
Also in this series: Good Cop
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Narrator: Charles Lawrence
Published by: Kelly Girl Productions;, Self-Produced
ISBN: 0988983842
Published on: 23 March 2016
Source: Narrator
Pages: 310
Audio Length: 10 Hours: 31 minutes
Rated: three-half-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne Flame

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When Vance Evans tracks down Piper Beaumont, the little blonde who saved his life back in fourth grade, he doesn't just find the sweet, delicious, curly-haired Tinkerbell he remembers. He also finds a complicated woman who proves to be way more than he's bargained for.

Though she's still Perfect Piper with the soothing touch, now she's also The Lawyer Beaumont, a defense attorney carrying a personal grudge against every cop who crosses her path.

So when his newly adopted Good Cop persona can't break down the lawyer's defenses, Vance decides to fall back on his old Bad Cop ways to coax Naughty Piper into his arms.

A copy of this title was provided via Narrator for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About Liz Kelly

Liz Kelly is the USA Today bestselling author of the Heroes of Henderson Series.

A graduate of Wake Forest University, where she met her handsome golf-addicted husband, (who is now sporting dark glasses everywhere he goes) Liz is a mother of two grown sons (also sporting dark glasses) and a miniature Labradoodle named Isabelle. They live in the Fountain of Youth, a.k.a. Naples, FL where dancing and romancing continues on ad infinitum.

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