AudioBook Review: Video Vixen by Elaine Raco Chase

Today I have yet another AudioBook Review, it’s become quite the feature here and I really am enjoying the mix between written and AudioBook reviews.  Elaine Raco Chase is visiting with her title Video Vixen, a steamy romance the utilizes her stellar dialogue skills.  And, be sure to check out Elaine’s website – like her Facebook page. You’ll hear about some great deals – including the fact that Double Occupancy is on sale for $0.99 in eBook format through the end of today!

AudioBook Review:

I am an admitted fan of Elaine Raco Chase’s work – and it is entirely her doing that I am now addicted to audiobooks.  That’s not a bad thing when you have the opportunity to review  – and this recording has managed to climb to some of my all-time favorite titles that she has written.

Vicki/Vixen is an actress, and loves her life, the celebrity and the perks that come with her job as a soap opera star.  Her life is an open book:  while some may think her calculating I found her refreshing and surprisingly candid and matter of fact about her looks, her life and her desires.

When Dan is sent to write “the story” about the backstage world of the hit soap opera, and his determination to dig has many of the cast members running scared.  Not Vicki, however: her lack of secrets and ability to keep men off balanced is the perfect solution to what could become a PR nightmare.

Since Vicki finds Dan particularly attractive, and her go-to offensive move is to seduce, the games begin.  With a touch of Marilyn-esque va-voom mixed with the intelligence of a woman who can and will use every asset to her advantage, the sexual tension and interplay with the two characters is delightful and entertaining as the two realize the inevitable: they will be involved, and it will not be professional.  Steamy and saucy, with dialogue to die for, this is a winner of a story.

Narration is provided by Sheila Book, with a voice that feels right for the story and does not distract overmuch with her tone or pitch changes for characters.  While I would have appreciated some well-placed pauses before character change, this was not overly distracting as the characters are solidly created with distinct personalities that are evident in their words and enhanced with her delivery.  At just over 4 hours this is a perfect afternoon’s escape listen.

Again, Elaine Raco Chase has delivered a story that is both entertaining and well-researched, with enough steam to actually explain those packages from inmates that were sent to her publisher.  Yes – that is part of the introduction to the story, and made me laugh out loud in anticipation.

I received an AudioBook version from the author for purpose of honest review for the Heard Word. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Title:  Video Vixen
Author:  Elaine Raco Chase
Narrator:  Sheila Book
Format:  eBook and AudioBook
Publisher:  Elaine Raco Chase
Audio Producer:  Elaine Raco Chase
Pages:  190
Length:  4 Hours: 6 minutes
ISBN: 978-1452460185
Source:  Author
Genre:  Contemporary Romance with Erotic Elements
StarsOverall:  5   Narration: 4    Story: 5
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About the Book: 

Welcome to Sodom’s Crossing, just south of the equator — well actually downtown Manhattan! From her billboard in Times Square to her rare vertical photos in Playboy – the world was finding it easy to be Vixen-ized. 

If you’re missing your favorite soap – meet the zany cast of Always Tomorrow lead by Vixen Mallory! They are on a mission and Vixen is their bait!

“Good girls finish last, Daniel, and I’ve always been at the head of the class.” That’s what Vixen Mallory would say, and Vikki Kirkland was saying it now — to Dan Falkner, ace reporter who’d come to do a story on the soap opera and the star that had taken the cable network and viewer-ship by storm.

Vikki had sworn to her fellow cast mates on Always Tomorrow that she would protect their secrets by being the sexy, unscrupulous siren on-camera and off – to the hilt. Making sure that investigative reporter Dan Falkner would focus on the illusion rather than the sweet, shy woman Vikki really was.

There was just one problem — Vikki never imagined how easy it would be to enjoy being a vixen and take what she wanted. And she found she wanted Dan Falkner more than she had ever wanted any man.


About the Author: 

I write sassy, sexy, LOL contemporary romance novels. Often they start with “love at first sight” (a few of my friends write “love at first bite!”) I was thrilled read some wonderful stats: – 59% of men believe in love at first sight!
Prevention Mag. says 60% of Americans believe in love at first sight!
Prevention also noted that women see brooding men as significantly more
sexually attractive than happy guys! Is this the “bad-boy?”

I was never sure of “love at first sight” until my dad told me he fell for my mom as he watched her chase her dog down the street! I told him that was the silliest thing I ever heard they hadn’t even said a word to each other! He winked and said “sometimes you just know”…they were married for 57 years.  Hubby and I are headed for 43 years this October: he said it was “lust at first sight” – yeah! That works too!

So let’s say “attraction” at first sight and then what reviewers call the “slow burn” are the core of my contemporary romantic comedies. Some more erotic than others, but all with characters that are so believable they’ve received fan mail!

Her bestselling romance novels: Rules of the Game, Dare the Devil, Double Occupancy, Lady Be Bad, Calculated Risk, Video Vixen, Designing Woman and Special Delivery are on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, Itunes, Blio, Sony, XinXii, and All Romance.  All have been updated and expanded.

Now available: Romantic Classics – One Way or Another, No Easy Way Out and Best Laid Plans – available as ebooks for the first time since 1981!

And if you want a sexy, sassy, earful – Head to, Itunes audio or Amazon audio link for Video Vixen, Special Delivery, Designing Woman, One Way or Another. Your ear buds may melt!  Be sure to check out her website – new trailers and updated information is there, as well as her current sale: you can get Double Occupancy in eBook format for just $0.99 through Monday!

When she’s not writing, or rewriting, Elaine also hosts a weekly radio show on Thursdays 8PM EST:  Author’s Corner at Triangle Variety Radio.  Also – you can find her at

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