AudioBook Review: The Thirteenth Rose: Charlie D Mystery # 4 by Gail Bowen

AudioBook Review

In the most adult-themed of the stories, it’s Valentine’s Day and the station that Charlie D and Nova work for now has been purchased by a new owner: former escort and now wife to octogenarian millionaire, Misty.  Tonight’s show topic is satisfaction, namely pleasing your partner, and Misty, now heavily pregnant is the featured guest.

I like Charlie: he’s a part of the less than stellar neighborhood the station’s building is in: he knows the denizens and nightwalkers, downtrodden, troubled, not all on the right side of the law. In the years since starting his show, he has become friendly with Doris, an aged prostitute who is known for her kindness and loyalties. Giving Doris the 13th rose from the baker’s dozen he bought for his producer Nova, Doris tells him of a disturbing groundswell of violence and hatred emanating from another host at the station.

The show is interesting with several of the regulars calling in to chat, lots of music and plenty of frank discussions until a video link is sent: a man is murdering a woman on film – and they are told that another woman will be killed shortly.  The race is on to find the killer or killers – and to get the brash, Limbaugh-like windbag into the station to call off his dogs.

Bowen manages to bring in the visual and the emotional in this short read: we see Misty as much more than just a rich man’s wife, and her determination and desire to stop the killer, and to bring the banty-rooster like Ken to heel, are an intriguing and tension filled story. You NEED to know what happens next, and you can’t help but be intrigued and interested to see who ordered these brutal killings.

This one had me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end – and I may have just become a convert to the mystery genre that dances from the cozies.  Daniel Maté is the narrator here as well and I love his ability to insinuate a female tone without stretching to the point of parody, while maintaining the emotional tension and balance the words required.  His interior thoughts from Charlie are rapid-fire lights into a psyche that Charlie would rather keep hidden, and add to the ‘I’ll think about this tomorrow/never” sort of attitude that seems to exemplify the character that we are coming to know.

I received an AudioBook copy of the title from the publisher via AudioBook Jukebox for honest  review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Stars Overall: 5 Narration: 5  Story: 5

AudioBook Review: The Thirteenth Rose: Charlie D Mystery # 4 by Gail Bowen

Title: The Thirteenth Rose
Author: Gail Bowen
Genre: Contemporary Mystery
Narrator: Daniel Maté
Published by: Post Hypnotic Press
Source: AudioBook Jukebox
Pages: 112
Audio Length: 1 Hour: 24 minutes
Rated: five-stars
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For his Valentine's night call-in show, host Charlie D plans to offer his listeners two hours on the topic of "satisfaction." His in-studio guest is twenty-five-year-old Misty de Vol Burgh, formerly the highest-paid escort in the city but now happily married to eighty-three-year-old billionaire Henry Burgh.

It's all good fun until Charlie receives a chilling message: "It's take-out-the-garbage night. Time to kill all the hookers and wash the streets with blood." When Charlie is directed to a website that allows viewers to watch the murder of a prostitute in real time and promises that another killing will be broadcast live within the hour, the hunt is on.

But The World According to Charlie D. has an audience of over a million listeners. The murderer could be anyone, anywhere. Charlie and his team have less than two hours to find and stop the killer.

A copy of this title was provided via AudioBook Jukebox for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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About Gail Bowen

Gail Dianne Bowen (née Bartholomew) is a Canadian playwright and writer of mystery novels. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Bowen was educated at the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo and the University of Saskatchewan. She subsequently taught English in Saskatchewan, and is currently a professor of English at First Nations University of Canada. Bowen's mystery novels feature Joanne Kilbourn, a widowed mother, political analyst and university professor who finds herself occasionally involved in criminal investigations in various parts of Saskatchewan. Many have been adapted as Canadian television movies by Shaftesbury Films.

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