AudioBook Review: Seducing Simon by Maya Banks

AudioBook Review:

I was hoping for a light and mostly uncomplicated yet fun listen, and the story provided exactly that.  Characters were well developed and completely human: with faults that make you want to shake them until their eyes rattled.  But there was also a thread from each character that was so completely vulnerable and sweet that you couldn’t help but hope they would finally work out their issues and come together.

We have Toni, a tomboy who has 3 roommates, her brother and two friends.  Simon is also Toni’s friend, although she has long harbored a massive crush on him.  And Simon is utterly clueless.  Could part of the problem be that Toni flirts like a twelve year old boy, only missing the punching and hair pulling, or does Simon truly NOT see her as a girl: but only a friend.

But, Toni’s roommates all stand beside her to help her with this unexpected pregnancy: even though she won’t tell them who the father is.  But she also still wants to have Simon as her very own, not obligated, but to see her and want her.  Thus begins her challenge: step out of her tomboy anti-girlie comfort zone and seduce Simon, hoping that his feelings for her will change and she will return the love she has.

Not too demanding and it would have been a really fun read even with wanting to shake both Toni and Simon.  But, narration is so very important, matching a narrator who can present the words with the needed emotion, impact and timing is necessary.  Unfortunately, narration provided by Rebecca Mitchell was flat, wooden and near-monotone.  Missing were the elements I look for: excitement, hearing a smile in the voice, or even finding a discernable difference between character delivery and pacing.  None of these items were present, and I was close to putting the recording down and walking away.  It was that disappointing and frustrating.  Sadly, the narrated version of this book is not one that I would recommend to all but the most dedicated fan, and even then I think it would sit on my shelf: passed over as I read the work myself.

Stars:  Overall:  3  Narration:  2  Story:  4 

AudioBook Review: Seducing Simon by Maya Banks

Title: Seducing Simon
Author: Maya Banks
Genre: African-American
Narrator: Rebecca Mitchell
Source: Audio Producer
Pages: 211
Audio Length: 6 Hours: 59 minutes
Rated: three-stars
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Toni Langston has been in love with Simon, her best friend, for years. The night Simon breaks up with his longtime girlfriend, he and Toni make love. Toni is devastated and humiliated when, in the heat of the moment, he calls her by his girlfriend’s name. The next morning, Simon remembers nothing of the previous night and Toni is only too relieved not to remind him.

Two months later, she discovers she’s pregnant. She wants Simon to love her, apart from any obligation he might feel because of the baby. So she embarks on a quest to seduce her best friend, to make him see her as more than a little sister, to make him love her as much as she loves him. It works. Maybe too well. Now when things are perfect, she faces telling him of the secret she’s kept.

A copy of this title was provided via Audio Producer for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About Maya Banks

Maya Banks is the #1 New York Times, #1 USA Today and international bestselling author of over 50 novels. A wife and mother of three, she lives in Texas.