AudioBook Review: Kudzu by Kathleen Walls

AudioBook Review:

There is a particular flavor to stories that feature small towns in the south, and Kudzu is no different. Told from the perspective of Casey, who moved into her grandmother’s old house to lick wounds, she discovers an old diary and is transported to live her grandmother’s life.

Far from being a smoothly comfortable trip, Casey finds murder; intrigue and a mystery to solve that may actually help her to modify events to make her time better. .Beautifully written with description that drips with southern sense and charm, events quickly start to take off in unintended directions, not unlike the Kudzu that the story is named for.

Narration for this audiobook was provided by Lee Ann Howlett, I’ve previously listened to one of her narrations of an F. Scott Fitzgerald short, and again she did not disappoint. Her diction, simple inflection and tonal changes and subtle delineation from one character to the next are perfectly suited to the text and are a great enhancement.

With the integration of the past ills and secrets, and discoveries that Casey makes about her family, their history and the resulting events that were generations in the making, this is an easy and interesting escape listen, with a gently developing romantic attachment between Casey and Lee that brings a smile. Sounding very honest and genuine, with a touch of meandering, this is a good listen for an afternoon’s quiet entertainment.

I received an AudioBook copy from the author via AudioBook Jukebox for purpose of honest review for the Heard Word. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Kathleen Walls
Title: Kudzu
Author: Kathleen Walls
Narrator: Lee Ann Howlett
Format: Paperback, eBook and AudioBook
Publisher: Global Authors Publications
Audio Producer: Kathleen Walls
Pages: 168
Length: 4 Hours: 46 minutes
ISBN: 978-0972851398
Source: Author via AudioBook Jukebox
Genre: Romance, Historical, Fantasy
Stars: Overall: 4 Narration: 4 Story: 4
Purchase Now: Amazon § Audible

About the Book:
After a painful divorce, Casey returns to the haven of her childhood, her great grandmother Weesie’s tiny log cabin. Nestled deep in the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia, the cabin rekindles memories of her happiest years as a young child enjoying Granny Weesie’s tales of treasure. Casey seeks a peaceful refuge she will share only with her cat, Smokey. These ancient mountains are part of her blood and her culture. The beauty and the customs have always been sacred to her. However, much more than early memories await Casey in Bluejay, Georgia.

By chance, or was it design, Weesie’s childhood diary turns up in the cabin. The scrawled pages transport Casey back into the late nineteenth century. Far from finding the peaceful time she expects there, she uncovers a web of adultery, murder and intrigue that threatens to entangle Casey’s twenty-first century life.

That life threatens to become more complex when her new neighbor turns out to be a handsome victim of his own marital disaster. Lee Schmidt has vowed never to let another woman mangle his life.

As Casey is drawn deeper into Weesie’s life and times, her “real” life becomes more complicated by her growing attraction to Lee. Some strange occurrences happen in the cabin mirrored by tales of ghostly sightings in her family history. Her involvement with things past increases. As she travels back to 1879 via Louisa’s diary, she meets an intriguing cast of characters. Donald Stuart, her “sister” Lillith’s faithful lover, David, his evil hearted twin brother, Ma and Da Garrett, Louisa’s parents and her own direct ancestors, and the other inhabitants of early Bluejay.

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