AudioBook Review: How (Not) to Kiss a Prince: Cindy Eller #2 by Elizabeth A. Reeves

AudioBook Review:

My second contact with a story in this series and it was as quirky and clever as the first!  Cindy Eller is a witch who successfully can channel her magic into her baked goods: although she is still having issues with managing it in other ways.  In the first book, every man that Cindy got close to turned into a toad – yes a toad.  And despite that hiccup, her current boyfriend, Todd, was willing to give it a chance.

But this is all about Cindy’s discovery of her unknown betrothal to the Prince of the land in the middle – between the here and the otherworld.  Aside from giving her a particularly quirky name, Cindy’s mother has been keeping several secrets from her, even binding her magic which has resulted in several mishaps, the toads being the least of them.

Again Reeves manages to present wholly unrealistic situations in a funny and relatable way with characters that you cannot help but enjoy and root for.  With a new pixie-like assistant that is a former cupid to help with the baking, and a never-ending barrage of delectable treats and Cindy’s solid narrative voice, the story manages to keep you intrigued and interested.  Plenty of giggles and some laugh out loud moments from the clever word play and use, this is a fun series that is suitable for YA and adult readers alike.

Narration for this book was provided by Michele Carpenter, and for her first narration I thought she did a marvelous job in defining voices and delivery styles for her characters without over-emphasizing or exaggerating their differences.  While her pacing was a bit uneven early on, she did manage to find a comfortable delivery speed that enhanced the story.  Her voicing for Cindy was spot on for the character, adding the proper amounts of sarcastic twinge, self-doubt and confusion when the moments called for it, and I look forward to more from her.

This is a quirky and fun series with plenty of characters to enjoy and a wonderful heroine in Cindy/  A touch of romance that stays in the very sweet and clean zone, and a story that manages to not delve into expletives,  this is appropriate for adults and teens, with a nice twist to the standard witch stories.

Stars:  Overall:  4 Narration: 4  Story  4

AudioBook Review: How (Not) to Kiss a Prince: Cindy Eller #2 by Elizabeth A. Reeves

Title: How (Not) To Kiss a Prince
Author: Elizabeth A. Reeves
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Witches
Narrator: Michele Carpenter
Published by: Self-Produced
Source: AudioBook Jukebox
Pages: 300
Audio Length: 4 Hours: 37 minutes
Rated: four-stars
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Let the Magical Mayhem begin! Cindy Eller has not one, but two weddings to prepare for in less than two weeks when the cupcakes hit the fan-- a mysterious man has appeared claiming to be betrothed to Cindy and insisting she must marry him before her sister's nuptials can take place.

Obviously this doesn't sit well with Cindy's Ordinary boyfriend.

That's the way the cake-- and the wedding-- crumbles!

A copy of this title was provided via AudioBook Jukebox for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About Elizabeth A. Reeves

Elizabeth A Reeves is the writer of the Cindy Eller series and Goldie Locke and the Were Bears series. She lives in southern Arizona and, like her characters, enjoys experimenting with baking and facing life with a little snark in her pocket for back up. She is married and has four sons. Her favorite dessert is anything chocolate. If she could be a were-creature of any sort she would be a were-owl.

She enjoys fostering and adopting senior pets from shelters and encourages those who are looking for a pet not to overlook the 'golden oldies'. She currently is owned by four dogs, two cats, and two tortoises. She also may or may not have a certain zombie-ish silkie chicken hanging around.

She always loves hearing from her readers. Her Facebook page is the best way to get in touch with her personally, as it is her choice of procrastination locations. She tries to answer every message herself, and in good time.

Sometimes she retreats to the 'bat cave' to write. When this happens, she tends to disappear off of the radar for days on end. When she comes up for oxygen she usually shares tidbits from her current work with her fans.

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