AudioBook Review: Jitters, A Quirky Little Audiobook by Adele Park

AudioBook Review:

This is a more non-traditional story, being told much like a radio play and the story is comprised of several investigative news reports that share a common thread. A completely unique concept, each character that is introduced through the story brings their own first-person perspective to the story and gives a sense that the characters are real people, living their experiences.

Mixing humor and some historical fact, the topic of polygamy is instantly polarizing, and perfect for a “shock jock”, yet the story is actually rather sweetly endearing and humanizes a difficult topc that we all have some thoughts and misconceptions about.

Narration was so deftly presented, as each character had their own manner and pattern to their speech: not having a text and most of the “interviews” feeling very of the moment this was a delightful listen that kept me engaged and often laughing as each new installment in the story was presented. A delightful listen, this is unlike any other AudioBook I have encountered, with smooth and very professional sound quality and presentation.

I received a CD set from the publisher via AudioBook Jukebox for purpose of honest review for the Heard Word. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

Adele Park
Title: Jitters, A Qurky Little Audio Book
Author: Adele Park
Narrator: Adele Park, Susan Paige Lane, Paige Allred, Kristen Henley, Desiree Whitehead, Gary Morris, John Gibson, Steve Cappola
Format: Audio CD and AudioBook
Audio Producer: Straight to Audio Productions
Length: 7 Hours: 10 minutes
ISBN: 978-0615356822
Source: AudioBook Jukebox
Genre: Humor , Radio Play
Stars: Overall: 5 Narration: 5 Story: 5
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About the Book:

For radio shock jock Nancy Neptune, life is just one big promotion. But when she’s sent to work at a radio station near a polygamist compound in Utah, trouble comes in triplicate. In a land where one good wife deserves another, Nancy Neptune hooks up with a drag queen and a one-armed reporter to rescue a mentally challenged polygamist who is being abused by one of his nine mommies and neglected by the other eight. Jitters is narrated through a series of news reports with the characters reacting to the events of the day. Jitters feature a cast of 15 actors who tell their stories in first person narratives. Don’t miss this wacky ride through Polygamist County, where the local radio station becomes part of every news story they broadcast!

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