AudioBook Review: Heroes Wanted by Katharina Gerlach

Two vastly different short story collections on the blog today – first up is Heroes Wanted by Katharina Gerlach.  A preface introduces the author and provides insight into the genesis of the two very unique stories contained within.

AudioBook Review:

Two very clever stories, the first laden with mythological creatures as is wends through the fantastical with a twist of corporate red tape and a touch of science fiction, and the difficulties of maintaining a positive outlook when dealing with the customers of a hero.

Linda Joy manages to present all of the character switches and emotional impact required, including that punch of dealing with customers and a horrible villian.  Her voicing of Rose as the heroine, with her more than slightly stressful task is spot on and enjoyable, even as the story has many elements running in and out.

The second story combines Germanic mythology with the Roman in an oddly conceived and cleverly plotted combination to build a new heroic creature.  Again Linda Joy manages to perform the stories with pointed yet not over the top voices, adding in her clear enunciation  and elements of emotional veracity to aid the building tension as the story comes to climax.

Katharina Gerlach has written two very clever stories that are accessible to children and adults alike.  There is action and fantasy to appeal to children, and several nuanced layers of the frustration and stress inherent in corporate  or cooperative endeavors.  A truly fun listen.


Stars:  Overall 4  Narration 5  Story 4 

AudioBook Review: Heroes Wanted by Katharina Gerlach

Title: Heroes Wanted
Author: Katharina Gerlach
Narrator: LInda Joy
Published by: Independent Bookworm
Source: AudioBook Jukebox
Pages: 24
Audio Length: 56 minutes
Rated: four-stars
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This eBook/AudioBook contains two short stories. 

Life™ – Divisions of Myths and Legends
or How to order a dragon
Mondays are hard in any office. When Siegfried von Xanthen is calling before opening hours, the day at Life™ – Divisions of Myths and Legends goes downhill for Rose.

A Different Perspective
Romans attack, and Freyja flees with the women of her clan while the men fight, including her beloved Thordal. Can Allfather Odin help Freyja to save Thordal’s life?

A copy of this title was provided via AudioBook Jukebox for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About Katharina Gerlach

Katharina Gerlach was born in Germany in 1968. She and her three younger brothers grew up in the middle of a forest in the heart of the Luneburgian Heather. After romping through the forest with imagination as her guide, the tomboy learned to read and disappeared into magical adventures, past times or eerie fairytale woods.

She didn’t stop at reading. During her training as a landscape gardener, she wrote her first novel, a manuscript full of a beginner’s mistakes. Fortunately, she found books on Creative Writing and soon her stories improved. For a while, reality interfered with her writing but after finishing a degree in forestry and a PhD in Science she returned to her vocation. She likes to write Fantasy, Science Fiction and Historical Novels for all age groups.

At present, she is writing at her next project in a small house near Hildesheim, Germany, where she lives with her husband, three children and a dog.

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