AudioBook Review Ghosts on the Red Line by Peter David Shapiro

AudioBook Review:

What would you do if you could once again talk to a deceased loved one?  After listening to this, I divided this audio book into three parts- Discovering the problem (the ghost stories); Finding out what is causing the problem (and while the resolution of the ghost problem would seem logical (and they do just that, but it is minor)); and my third part, I classify as What happens if you don’t want the ghosts to go away?

The Red Line metro train in the Boston area is having a strange problem.  People are seeing, touching, and interacting with their loved ones that have passed away.  A young boy sees the first rider interacting with something that he could not see.  When he reached his stop, he reported the incident to an MBTA official.  From there we get several people’s stories about meeting their deceased loved ones while on the Red Line. 

After a bit, the MBTA  gets involved and they hire a consultant, Blair West International, whose employee, Molly, was the first one to see her loved one. Harry West, co-founder of the company ends up with the task of investigating the situation.  I liked Harry’s character- he is very thorough at his investigating.  He is compassionate, inquisitive and oh so human.  Harry reports to Jim Cudahay, the head of the MBTA.  Jim just wants it to be done.  Find the problem, find a solution and then give him the results so he can implement the solution.  You can’t blame they guy, he is running a business and the ghosts are causing the Red Line to be jammed up all the time.

But, there are a large amount of people that want to continue to see their loved ones, Including Harry’s ex wife, Alexandra- and once Harry sees their dead daughter, him as well.  Here is where the audio book got interesting.  The Catholic Church vs. Spiritualists vs. the Massachusetts legislature vs. a Boston Mobster vs. a downright spunky techie crew.  Sometimes I was bogged down by too much information in the descriptions, but overall was able to keep the story on track.

Paul Fleschner does a wonderful job giving each character a unique voice and is consistent in the delivery.  From the soft spoken Alexandra, to the slimy, State Representative Walter McCullif to the hard knife edge of Shiny Mikey, he gives each character mannerisms and brings them to life.

Stars:  Overall:  4.5  Narration: 5  Story: 4


AudioBook Review Ghosts on the Red Line by Peter David Shapiro

Title: Ghosts on the Red Line
Author: Peter David Shapiro
Genre: Ghosts, Suspense
Narrator: Paul Fleschner
Published by: PenLane Press
Source: Author
Pages: 296
Audio Length: 8 Hours: 10 minutes
Rated: four-half-stars
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A copy of this title was provided via Author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About Peter David Shapiro

Peter David Shapiro was born in Montreal, Canada, and now lives in the Boston area. In his debut novel, Ghosts on the Red Line, commuters see their Departed on Boston's Red Line trains. His second novel, The Trail of Money, tells a story of intrigue and revenge in Hong Kong. Currently he's working on his third novel, about psychics in Vermont, and practicing his flute.

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