AudioBook Review: Best Laid Plans by Elaine Raco Chase


Best Laid Plans 
Elaine Raco Chase
Jill Arehart, Narrator
eBook and AudioBook
ISBN:  978-0373462285
199 Pages / 7 Hours 15 Minutes
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Stars:  Overall: 5   Narration:  5  Story:  5

About the Book:   

Meet Amanda Wyatt – she had an eight-year plan and accomplished so much more. Attractive, talented, she was a success whether she was designing high fashion or running her own elegant shop in New Orleans. And she had a friend-with-benefits relationship with Lucas Crosse, her lawyer and the brother she never had, for 12 years. He knew her intimately – well almost. Now, he’s decided he wants that, too.

And he’s ready to fight for Amanda with Wade Lloyd. He entered Amanda’s life by accident. Now he wants to be a permanent fixture. But can he handle her success? Can he handle Amanda? Can he handle her friendship with Lucas Crosse?

As for Amanda, she has choices to make. A new, exciting love? Or a best friend whose benefits she’s begun to dream about?

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My Review:

Time travel back to the 1980’s and let Elaine Raco Chase be your guide. Meet Amanda, driven and accomplished businesswoman, with a flair for all things fashion. Her long-term friend Lucas, now a lawyer and her ‘go to’ for all questions of business has invited her down to his Texas home, under the auspices of a vacation / decorating trip.

While their relationship dances between ‘just friends’ and perhaps more, other entrants to the game of romance dance about the edges, creating conflict and choices until ultimate decisions must be made.

Again, Elaine has created a winner: from the overt feel of the 80’s in reference and innocence, to the beautiful use of alliteration and description that enforce the visual imagery created, this story has so many elements to enjoy that choosing just one is near impossible. As always, her dialogue is spot-on, banter is quick, sharp and realistic, with plenty of humor derived from words and situations . The narration by Jill Arehart is pleasant and smooth, without creating distraction from the story, and enhancing the emotion through small timbre and pitch changes. Her voice seems to delight in the luxe and verdant descriptions of fashion greats, and provides the simple note of tentative hesitation through the spotlighted descriptions that fit so well with the questioning nature of bot h Lucas and Amanda’s reactions to one another as the romantic ante is increased.

This is a description rich story, that allows the reader or listener to visualize each element, setting a scene beautifully, and again, presenting the hesitation as they slowly test the waters with one another’s reactions. Phrases like “the hand moved left” and “the eyes roamed” all reinforced their internal questions about moving the relationship onto another plane, and were particularly effective for Amanda in all of her encounters, as she is reticent and reserved, not willing to share herself or her heart with men.

Secondary characters are a mixed bag: while I did not like Wade, and found him overbearing and arrogant, Kitty was truly a non-entity both to the story and in Lucas’ estimation of her. As a spotlight to the question of platonic or romantic, this story worked on all fronts, and was a wonderful listen for an afternoon, especially for those of us who remember the 80’s.

I received a copy of the audiobook from the author for purpose of honest review.  I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility.

About the Author: 

I write sassy, sexy, LOL contemporary romance novels. Often they start with “love at first sight” (a few of my friends write “love at first bite!”) I was thrilled read some wonderful stats: – 59% of men believe in love at first sight!
Prevention Mag. says 60% of Americans believe in love at first sight!
Prevention also noted that women see brooding men as significantly more
sexually attractive than happy guys! Is this the “bad-boy?”

I was never sure of “love at first sight” until my dad told me he fell for my mom as he watched her chase her dog down the street! I told him that was the silliest thing I ever heard they hadn’t even said a word to each other! He winked and said “sometimes you just know”…they were married for 57 years.  Hubby and I are headed for 43 years this October: he said it was “lust at first sight” – yeah! That works too!

So let’s say “attraction” at first sight and then what reviewers call the “slow burn” are the core of my contemporary romantic comedies. Some more erotic than others, but all with characters that are so believable they’ve received fan mail!

Her bestselling romance novels: Rules of the Game, Dare the Devil, Double Occupancy, Lady Be Bad, Calculated Risk, Video Vixen, Designing Woman and Special Delivery are on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, Itunes, Blio, Sony, XinXii, and All Romance.  All have been updated and expanded.

Now available: Romantic Classics – One Way or Another, No Easy Way Out and Best Laid Plans – available as ebooks for the first time since 1981!

And if you want a sexy, sassy, earful – Head to, Itunes audio or Amazon audio link for Video Vixen, Special Delivery, Designing Woman, One Way or Another. Your ear buds may melt!

When she’s not writing, or rewriting, Elaine also hosts a weekly radio show on Thursdays 8PM EST:  Author’s Corner at Triangle Variety Radio.  Also – you can find her at

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