In the Arms of Her Angel: Seekers of the Past #3 by Amy Valentini

In the Arms of Her Angel: Seekers of the Past #3 by Amy Valentini

Amy Valentini returns to the blog today with the third book in the Seekers of the Past series, focused on finding clues for Emma and Sam and their family’s intertwined histories.

In the Arms of Her Angel

In this book, we are treated to the story of Daniel Embry, eldest son and captain of his own ship the Falcon. From the discovery of gold that may or may not have been through the hands of Lafitte, Daniel’s story has niggled at Emma in the present day, along with another mystery. Just how is it, that when she delves into reading young Emily Embry’s journals, and the logbooks of Captain Daniel Embry that she feels, sees and can scent the scenes unfolding. It’s as if she is ‘experiencing’ their stories as they unfold, and with Sam also having read the books, and having no recollection of moments and mementos so vivid to Emma, she’s not certain just quite what it all means.

Starting with Emma taking advantage of the early morning, a comfortable chair and plenty of sunshine, we are soon transported to 1800’s Charleston, an inn where the Falcon’s cook has just lost his purse and the thief has run straight into the large form of Captain Daniel Embry. A few evasive maneuvers and a moment of shock from Daniel allows the thief to slip out of the common room, and Daniel is left with plenty of questions and a solid impression that all was not as one would expect.

Recovering breath in a darkened space not far from the common room, the thief is not all she appears, and now, with the new tear in her shirt and her missing locket in the hands of the tall stranger, the coin she was planning to use for return passage to St. Kitts must wait until she reclaims her locket and uncovers the riddle it contains. But, bare feet and an empty stomach are testament to her desperation, as she watches the tall stranger head to the very inn she and her father were guests of until he disappeared and she was put out for lack of funds. Yes, Ginny has several problems, all that she thinks will be solved with one last use of her newly-acquired skills at thievery.

Breaking into Daniel’s room was the most daring, and possibly most fortuitous move Ginny had made in her young life. Fortunate because Daniel is not only honorable, but drawn to protect those weaker and in need of it. Daring as she is a horrible thief, leaving all of the ‘less savory’ moves made in her young life to her father, Evan Blackwood, a name noted for his duplicity and underhanded, not entirely legal moves. This creates not a little tension between Ginny and Finn, Daniel’s best friend and first mate, but there clearly are more secrets that Ginny is hiding, and all of them skew the men’s reaction to gentle treatment of her, if not entirely trusting.

Valentini has given us a bit of a reprieve from Emma and Sam’s search as they try to find the origins of the gold found in a false grave at the farm, but the emotional tolls ticked off here come mostly from Ginny and Daniel, on their very long road to trusting one another as they band together to find the boon that she believes will set her father free from the hands of his former partner and the ghoul that haunts her every moment, Jacob Shaw. Through Daniel’s charm and Ginny’s slow dissembling of her defenses with finally finding somewhere that ‘feels’ safe, her memories are starting to return and the clues to the whereabouts of the ‘treasure’ so coveted by Shaw is revealed. A big show-down, the final dissembling of all of Ginny’s previous conclusions about the man who has risked it all to keep her safe and the welcome conclusion of this leg of their story ends with her wildest wish and plenty of heart. Taking Emma’s journey of discovery one step closer, as she explains, again, to Sam – worried that he will think her revelations are simple flights of fancy, the story moves on in past and present and creates a truly engaging and wonderful tale as it winds to a conclusion – hopefully not too soon.

In the Arms of Her Angel: Seekers of the Past #3 by Amy Valentini

Title: In the Arms of Her Angel
Author: Amy Valentini
Series: Seekers of the Past #3
Also in this series: Seekers of the Past, For the Sake of Honor, To Love and Be Loved By Him
Genre: Action / Adventure, Contemporary Romance, Family Saga, Historic Elements, Historical Romance, Mystery Elements, Setting: American, Time Travel / Alternate Universe
Published by: Self-Published
ISBN: 1792652720
Published on: 26 December, 2018
Source: Author
Pages: 328
Rated: four-stars
Heat: One FlameOne FlameOne FlameHalf a Flame

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Continue the Journey to Where the Past Meets the Present and Love Lives Forever

Emma begins to wonder if there something is special—something magical—about the journal written by her doppelganger from the past. She hopes to convince Sam it’s really happening. As she begins reading again, she finds herself traveling with Daniel Embry and Ginny Blackwood.

When Daniel encounters a thief sneaking into his room in the middle of the night, he discovers he is actually a beautiful young woman in need of his assistance to save her father.

Haunted by her past, Ginny holds clues to a missing treasure in the form of a riddle—a riddle she is unable to decipher. The solution lies in the secrets she holds locked in her memories, but will she ever trust Daniel enough to reveal them?

Danger follows them from Charleston to New Orleans. Will the answers they find lead them to what they need or be their end? And while both protect their hearts from love, will they surrender to the desire they crave in each other’s arms?

A copy of this title was provided via Author for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.


About Amy Valentini

In addition to being an author, Amy Valentini is a free-lance editor at Romancing Editorially and romance reviewer at Unwrapping Romance as well as an Avon Addict—a super reader group for Avon/HarperCollins. She has always loved reading, working with words, and creating stories that make readers think, laugh, cry, and escape the realities of everyday life. Writing romance keeps her belief in true love alive.

A graduate of Mary Washington College in Virginia, now the University of Mary Washington with a Bachelor of Arts in English, she has always had a dream of being a published author. Finally achieving that goal with her debut romance, she hopes readers will love her new series, a journey that will take the reader into the past as well as the present…where the past meets the present and love lives forever.

Amy lives in Virginia where in her spare time, she reads and reviews romance, and takes walks with her favorite guy—her Rottweiler, Marco


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