Armchair BEA 2016 – And now- the end is here!

It’s Over!  And each year Armchair BEA just keeps getting better – one day I’ll get to the actual event…..



Wrapping Up

It went from expectedly busy to flat out chaotic this week – so I didn’t get to pop around and visit / read as much as I wanted to.  There are posts that I’ve bookmarked to get back to when life normalizes.

For the first time, and 3rd year participating, I decided to help out the team that manages this event – and they are marvelous!  They dealt with crazy stress, last minute changes, billions (ok – perhaps I exaggerated) of questions and so much more.  It was a fun, crazy and chaotic time – mark your calendars to help out next time.

Posts to check out –

ALWAYS I have to nod to Felicia at The Geeky Blogger– she’s offered up a post talking about the FTC Round table with a discussion about disclaimers, social media tags and giveaways.  This is a must-read post for bloggers who get books from publishers or authors for review, or those who offer sponsored posts or are writing advertisements to buy a book.

New to Blogging and those who find themselves lost in ‘blogland’ may just find some great points in Lexxie’s post on (Un) Conventional Book Views where she discusses balancing blogging with the real world commitments. Aside from managing your time, organizing your to do list and then scheduling posts (a must for me) as well as notebooks for ideas and jotting down where inspirations come from.

I’m mostly a big one for finding new topics and perspectives from other bloggers- and if you check out the daily link ups or the participant list – you’ll find no end of options.




So – Here’s my posts for the week…..

Day OneLet’s Get the Party Started! Introduction and Diversity in Books

Day Two:  It’s All About the Look – Aesthetics of Book Covers, Blogs and Branding

Day ThreeBeyond the Blog – Talking Books – book clubs, social sites, etc.

Day Four:  Surviving Fictional Worlds – and site specific giveaway


This has been yet another wonderful week full of books, blogging ideas, more books and my people – the ones who love to read!!


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