Armchair BEA 2016 – Surviving Fictional Worlds with a Giveaway

Today it’s all about the worlds that we visit when we read…

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Surviving Fictional Worlds

I’ll be honest, I’m a huge fan of immersing myself into a book, living in the world the author has created to leave reality behind.  But actually finding a world that I WANT to live in, or could even survive in is far more difficult.
I always had three favorite books and series from childhood that I actually imagined myself living there

Winnie the Pooh – seriously, who WOULDN’T want to live in the forest with Pooh and Piglet, Kanga and Roo.  Of course Rabbit is a bit over the top, and Eeyore always needs a hug, but this book just highlights all of the wonderful adventures you can have when you read.

Paddington – from my first introduction to Paddington Bear, he just seemed like a fun character – and living in the English countryside, not too far from London just was idyllic. Plus there are some wonderful scrapes and explanations there. It’s very much like the world I inhabited at the time though.

Avonlea, PEI – the setting for the Anne of Green Gables series.  Prince Edward Island is a wonderful little spot – and I’ve been there frequently, had family that settled there, and have seen a huge change in the island and the pace of life there.  It’s a tightly knit community, full of fields and meadows, hard work and plenty of opportunities for fun and friends.  The actual island is a touch tourist-laden from June through September, but once that season is over, the island provides all of that small-town flavor with unique landscapes and wonderful people.

Moving on to now that I’m older, I prefer to simply visit those worlds I read about, and having been fortunate to travel and live in many places I’ve had experiences that have mirrored or were reflected in the stories characters have shared with me.  But – when I start to think on books that are now adapted – two spring to mind.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon–  I adore this series, but will freely admit that I am not a fan of dirt and no electricity. I could enjoy many of the elements (and there is nothing better to me than a man in a kilt), I wouldn’t love being in the mix.  I certainly have no interest in being in the midst of a war, dealing with witch trials and the intrigue of clans and court. Just not my thing.

The other we watch regularly (and I’m working my way through the books) is the George R.R. Martin series Game of Thrones.  I’m SO not an intrigue sort of person – I want to believe the best in people, but if I don’t like you it’s written all over my face. To visit and leave would be ideal for me – but the whole medieval feel combined with psychotics running the asylum, death, intrigue, disorder and again, dirt, just not for me.

armchair bea Giveaway

To celebrate Armchair BEA – I’m making an offer.  Enter this giveaway and you have YOUR CHOICE of three different 3 book collections that I’ve read and enjoyed from Historic Romance, Contemporary Romance and a Brit Chick-Lit slightly rom-com author.
Books will come from Book Depository in paperback form- so if they ship to you- you can win.  No substitutions.  Drawing will end at midnight on May 21 – winner will have 24 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

The Wicked Quills of London Series

Historic Romance:  The Wicked Quills of London Series by Eva Leigh – includes Forever Your Earl, Scandal Takes the Stage and Temptations of a Wallflower.

Off The Map Series


Contemporary Romance: Off the Map Series by Lia Riley – includes Upside Down, Sideswiped, and Inside Out.


Jane Linfoot Titles

Brit Chick Lit:  3 titles from Jane Linfoot – includes How to Win a Guy in 10 Dates, Cupcakes and Confetti and The Vintage Cinema Club.


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And the winner is – Mary C. Mary – you have been emailed!




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