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Today we talk about moving beyond the more traditional options of book blogging: do you like Graphic Novels or AudioBooks and where else do you share your book love: book clubs, classes, social sites?

Beyond the Blog

I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember, and I’ve tried nearly every form of delivery out there.  From eBooks to audio, graphic novels and even web-based comic strips.  I find myself coming back to two forms every time: a physical print book in my hand, or an audiobook that I can take any and everywhere, and even listen to when I’m busy doing other things (cleaning, driving, working out).

AudioBooks, and I’m only talking the unabridged editions, are a wonderful option: I started reviewing them here early on, and the quality and availability of genres, titles and narrators is reaching overwhelming proportions.  Currently I’m working my way through the Harry Potter series (for pleasure) and alternating that with Gabaldon’s Outlander series while I mix in various titles for review. I’ve found narrators I truly enjoy, sampled a group of new to me authors, and been able to feel the author’s words brought to life.   There’s been a huge improvement in narration and production quality, and they aren’t just for your aged relatives anymore.

Favorites that I’ve found since I started include mixes of series and narrators.  For a children’s appropriate series How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell and narrated by David Tennant is a wonderfully fun, engaging and often slightly naughty (think 9 year old boy humor) title with great action, adventure, characters and message.

Moving on to a new Adult Series – I’ve loved the Wild Seasons Series by Christina Lauren with narrators Shayna Thibodeaux and Sebastian York is a wildly irreverent, fast paced and enjoyable series based on a group of friends – in and out of the bedroom.

You can’t pass up Diana Gabaldon and Outlander.  Far from distracting, the television series is wonderfully produced and presented, and had me very excited to revisit all of the titles.  Davina Porter is a wonderfully skilled narrator, and she brings the book to life in a way that is different from, but no less enjoyable than the written books or the television show.  While the audiobook faithfully presents the words on the page with nuanced presentation to add to the emotional impact, the television show is doing a wonderful presentation of the highlight elements, those that would encourage you to read on, that also make good television.

Narrators for me are a simple group: Anything that Karen White is narrator for I will listen to. I’m also partial to Sebastian York, Grace Grant, Tavia Gilbert, David Tennant, Jim Dale, Barbara Rosenblat, Tim Wright and oh so many others…. But these are my favorites.

Let’s Talk Books

I could talk books all day, every day – but I’m actually committed into other things (reviews, edits, PA work, formatting) so I don’t have that luxury. I stay up to date with my goodreads – posting every review I can, I’m making a dent in my NetGalley and Edelweiss lists, I have offers coming from lots of places and sometimes the choices are hard. My new favorite book-space is Riffle – similar to goodreads but less angst. Yes, I do still keep a profile on goodreads, but I really like the look and layout over at Riffle.

Non-website related book chatter is simple – I’m a library first sort of person. I have a couple of librarian friends in the area, and I share books, get recommendations and talk books with them. Of course I share on Facebook and Twitter, and I’ve been known to hit friends up with a you need to read this book now messages….  Or …

I could just be standing on the corner waving a book and yelling like a madwoman. Or rearrange shelves at stores to ‘face’ out favorites – just sayin’

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    • I mostly started because I had a TON of books (new and audio) that I had reviewed – and I approached them at the local space – that led to me meeting a few who travel about in the system- and it just grew from there. Every few weeks I pop in to give them suggestions, some books that I’ve got more than one copy of, and to see what’s new there in books and titles that I read -just not for the blog. It’s a good outing for me – the working at home interacting only on line was getting old. Since I’m shy in real life – it’s easier to meet people with a common interest.

      Thanks for stopping in!
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    • I LOVED the series – it’s super cute -and was perfect for a friend’s two boys on long roadtrips – and David Tennant does some wonderful voices -it’s well worth the listen