Armchair BEA 2016: It’s all about the Look ….

Welcome to today’s post where all we talk about is the ‘look’ and your reaction to it.

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Do you Judge a Book by its Cover?

I’ll admit it – I do. Perhaps that is why I so love my historic romances – the dresses are to die for, the colors often pop and in the best ones, the feel of the heroine comes right through.   If I’m in a bookshop, I will actually gravitate TO the colors that pop – I’m a fan of petting books – I touch then as I run down the aisle, picking up those that intrigue me.  I’m a color first person – I want something that will catch my eye, and the font and print on the cover have to show crisp and clean.

I have a real problem with covers that are hand drawn or too cluttered – and if a cover appeals to a child, the book within had better be a child’s book.  I’m also not a huge fan of ‘representational’ covers for erotic titles – no I don’t need to have the cover be all naked and sexy, but the jewels, flowers a la Georgia O’Keefe, or other imagery that ‘connotes’ sex just leave me flat.  I always suggest to authors – get a professional designer for your cover. Don’t be too literal – be sure your colors pop in an actual paperback size image and be sure that your fonts and other graphics are CLEAN and NEAT – and are easy to discern in a thumbnail sized photo.  Especially when I am surfing through long lists of titles with ONLY thumbnail views – make is stand out in all the best ways.


Armchair BEA 2016 Day 2


What do these covers say to you? Do any appeal – or are they on the “swipe left’ pile?


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4 responses to “Armchair BEA 2016: It’s all about the Look ….

  1. I…don’t know those covers are so bad, but the titles are so catchy. Is the city coming alive to eat people? Is that cat from the 7th ring of Hell? How can a Cyclops Child be unhappy with a fluffy kitten? I must know the answers!
    Lexie recently posted…#ArmchairBEA: Blog AestheticsMy Profile

    • See – that’s me. I want to know – I’m actually dying to know – but When I see covers like that – I tend to think that the writing is equally confused. But – a good title gets me every time… at least to stop and look

  2. I’m more drawn to covers that don’t have people on the cover. I like the intrigue of a scene or object – trying to figure out how it plays into the story. I don’t know if it is I’m reading more or if I’m ready more indie author but I’m noticing those that use stock images and sometimes I feel the same picture is getting used too much.
    Donna recently posted…Aesthetic Concerns – Books & Blogs #ArmchairBEAMy Profile

    • I’m ok with scenes – and even like them – but I don’t want the visual metaphors any more. And nothing drives me more nuts than seeing the same stock photo reappearing EXACTLY as it is in the photo with some text. Mix it up already!