Armchair BEA 2015 – Social Media

Armchair BEA 2015 - Social Media

Welcome to my stop for Day Two of #ArmchairBEA the on-line book and blogging conference for those who can’t be in NYC this weekend.
Today’s topic is Social Media.  Love it or Hate it, the opportunities to connect with other bloggers, get answers to questions, suggestions and find readers is far easier when you use social media to share your information.

I’ll admit – I’m in the midst of realigning my daily schedule so I can cut back on the jumping from one thing to another to better utilize my connections I’ve made through social media, and find time to visit more blogs.  I’m already well-scheduled in terms of post drop dates, review commitments and even updating to a sharing programme each morning, but finding the time to read / comment to other bloggers and share content has been a hit or miss thing.  That’s changing, as this is the first week on the new schedule, and things are moving along well.

I’m one who has a share schedule for posts – every new review on my site promotes for 7 days, and I promote it 3 times a day. I use Hootsuite to schedule those posts – a daily upload of anywhere from 36 – 45 shares which I schedule to the different sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked In)  And yes, I share each new review to LinkedIn – you’d be surprised how many people are searching for promotion / will share from there.  Additionally, each new post is sharing to Tumblr (finally!) and I share to Tsu every morning as well.   It feels like you are plastering the world some days, but those quick shares to get your content in front of new eyes (especially with the speed of social media feeds) is worth the time spent.  On Tsu and Twitter, I also do share other people’s posts / Retweet ; sharing is caring and it makes a huge difference.

Reading posts with the Bloglovin reader is wonderful, while I do have a list of blogs that I subscribe to weekly (or daily updates) most of my reading is done from the feed – and I can branch out and comment from there.

Groups on Facebook are wonderful options for bloggers – while I participate in a few street teams, the knowledge and camaraderie found in smaller blogger-specific groups has been a gift from the gods.  Having a bad blogging day? Finding a book you don’t really know how to phrase something? Looking for new reads outside of your normal channels? Something isn’t working right or you just heard about XYZ app and are curious? SOMEONE will have a suggestion, a hint or has faced a similar situation.

My best results / draws to the site are coming from LinkedIn and Tsu, and my twitter – Twitter is nice, I don’t use a Triberr account so my shares there are organic. And I’m careful (and obsessive) about sharing post information with authors and publishers: this gives you a leg up when you want that ‘must read’ title: BOTH remember your efforts to put their books out in front of people.

The reality is that the world is full of people who are posting information, and plenty who are looking for the information you share – find a favorite and use it the best way you can, and be sure to introduce yourself to others along the way.


For myself – I have a ton of social media accounts, and I use them pretty regularly –for information, for sharing, for laughs.  But – here are the regularly updated links.  Please note that the Follow Blog by weekly update is a roundup of ALL the posts appearing from Thursday through Wednesday, and arrives in your mailbox each Wednesday at 11 am (as long as you confirm your sign up).  There will be – in the coming year – special giveaways for subscribers only starting in June.

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