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One of my all time favorite things to do is read. So much so that I have set myself a personal challenge as the days of September wane :  12 books in 12 days.  And, happily – I am right on target. You can follow that progress on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads.
But that is not why I am posting today.   Today I have a big announcement!

A few weeks back, during a blog tour, I saw a posting for an associate reviewer position.  I liked the blog, thought the owner was uber cool, and decided to toss my hat into the ring.

And here: Booked and Loaded is where the formal announcement happens!

So now – there are no excuses!  Follow Booked and Loaded too! The books there are all paranormal – and you know we love our vamps and shifters, the steampunks and ghostly stories.  No YA there, it is an R-Rated blog after all.  YA will still appear here – I’m not cutting any ties: just broadening my horizons with a super cool review site.