What About Us: Panic #4 by Sidney Halston

What About Us: Panic #4 by Sidney Halston

Sidney Halston returns to the blog after far too long (my fault) with the fourth and final book in her Panic series 

What About Us 

I’ve read all of the series books so far, and I love Halston’s ability to build characters that are relatable and human- always flawed, always trying, and willing to eventually take a chance.  Here we have Alex and Helen – both needing to overcome their pasts and struggle through to see if there is something in the future for them together.  These two have history and plenty of ill-will between them, and we’re off on an enemy to lover plotline with plenty of action and twists.  

Years ago, Helen’s father stole money from family – ruining them. Alex has always thought that she knew and did nothing. But her father was arrested years ago as well, and Helen’s life went from one of privilege to struggle.  In the years since, Alex has developed a reputation as a no-nonsense businessman, but Helen leaves him with a reaction he’d not expected, particularly as she is a simple waitress in the nightclub where he is (reluctantly) meeting a client.  All of that history and the obvious chemistry, despite the bad blood, is going to send these two on a merry chase as they sort through their histories.  

Quickly and with plenty of flames, flare-ups, sparks and a ton of chemistry these two confront one another, their pasts and the opportunity for a future. While this wasn’t the favorite of mine for the series – Alex was far too stuck in one place for too long – the story works both as its own tale, and as part of the series, leaving readers with plenty of heat, atmosphere and escape.  




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