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If you’ve followed this blog for any time – you’ll have seen the post on the landing page “Update for I am, Indeed”.  There is a long story that goes with this post – and most of it can be found by viewing my personal Facebook Page 



Back in December of 2018 my partner got sick and was hospitalized with hypertension, bronchitis, all with signs of fluid retention and kidney involvement. This resulted in an application through his employer for extended disability coverage – which became a total nightmare of denials, repeated requests for information, claims of not enough information and a determination from an ‘independent medical examiner” that his claim was ‘insufficient’ to warrant coverage. While these 3 months of battling are happening, his company’s HR department was ‘unavailable’, never once checking on progress – EVEN THOUGH they knew nothing of an approval or information ever crossed their desk  – all from an employee with SEVENTEEN YEARS loyalty to the company, with no issues in all those years that required HR involvement, including multiple days in their “flex time” awaiting his use. They left us out to hang dry- and by May, with no new information (and multiple copies faxed and sent) to the insurance company hired to manage his disability claim – we had no money coming in, there was never COBRA paperwork sent – and yet not only was he ‘terminated’ from the company but we were evicted on 6 May.

We go on – he gets more and more ill as we are struggling to find help for housing, shelters, etc – and finally he’s so ill that there is no choice but to go to the hospital – where he is INSTANTLY admitted with blood pressure at “stroke level” and failed kidneys – requiring immediate dialysis, admission into the ICU for 7 days (and a further 5 on another ward) and all of this with no insurance.

Final diagnosis – chronic kidney failure – resulting in a permanent disability – and a catheter in his chest to facilitate dialysis. BUT – no help with housing, no shelters will take him because of the “open wound and chance of infection’ and no help from other ‘agencies’ as we’re not senior citizens, have no child under 17, aren’t drug or alcohol dependent, and aren’t suffering from mental health issues (although this stress is close to causing that.

Now we are 6 months in to living day to day – never knowing if we’re going to have money to eat, travel to his dialysis 3 days a week, or even have a roof over our heads.  Everything is pending – medicare, disability, even VA benefits (yes – he’s a 15+ year army vet) – and while we are HOPING that those will come live by mid-October – we’re tired, we’re broke and we’re desperate – and hoping that people will share our story – will send what they can spare to help us – and above all – understand that this is a last-ditch effort to try and find something to ease the pressure for a few days until the government and the agencies that are tasked to helping people in our situation actually do.

If you can help – glhince@gmail.com is the PayPal. Facebook Payments through Messenger there also works.  Our full story can be seen by visiting my TImeline on Facebook

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