2020 in review

It’s been a year of ups, downs and struggle. As we prepare to end the year (and good riddance to most of it) it’s time to find

2020 in Review

2021 cheers


I’ve had a particularly rough few last months between work, health, our housing situation and many other things. The saving grace for me is that I managed to continue to read and share stories that I’ve read with you all.

Unfortunately everything has converged and means that I’m behind, sometimes horribly so, in getting reviews written and posted.  So I’m taking the next week (the last week of the year) to push through and write reviews: setting them to post in the new year and starting to get a bit ahead on posts.

This means that for the next week there won’t be new posts – and we’ll return to regularly posted reviews om 4 January.  Please bear with us.  Enjoy the promise of the new year as we all hope and wish for better, healthier and more sanity to arrive in 2021.

Thank you!


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