2019 Reading Challenges

So – after having completed so many formal challenges over so many years – I’m more than a bit burned out.  That being said, I’ve decided to cut way back on the formal ones, keep a few in an informal way, and only sign up for a handful of formal, tracked challenges.

AudioBook Listening Challenge. I love audiobooks and tend to go through a ton of them every year – the versatility (I can listen while cleaning, walking, driving or just pretending to relax) and it’s brought me a ton of new favorites, narrators and authors alike.  Also -I’m one of those people who LOVES to be read to, I’d still grab a blankie at the children’s story hour at the library if people didn’t look at me funny.

This year the challenge is managed by Hot Listens and Caffeinated Reviewer and I’m in.  You can see the challenge details and my progress tracking HERE 

Blog All About It.  This was a sharp and clever choice for me this past year – 12 months, 12 prompts – you just blog about anything that fits the prompt.  It gave me an opportunity to do something OTHER than review – and the results (and other participant’s posts) were super fun. Dreamed up and Managed by Anna at Herding Cats and Burning Soup I’m going for it again. You can track my progress over the year HERE

Informal ‘tracking’

I’m going to continue to track out British Books for titles written by UK authors, or that feature the UK (England, Scotland and Wales) in their pages.

Debut Authors (including those debuts that are First Time available in the US- usually in translation) is another notable collection that can be found HERE

Diverse Reads – this is any book that is wholly different from my experiences -be they religious, racial, sexual orientation, nationality or even the struggles of assimilation.  I’ll track those reads HERE 

Now just weeks before year’s end – these are my ‘challenges’ for the 2019 year.