Blog All About It in 2019 – First

Blog All About It in 2019 – First

Apropos to January (first month) and the first challenge of the year – let’s talk about


I don’t know about you- but First Foot is (and has been) a thing in my family for years. It’s a New Year’s Eve tradition to bring blessings and fortune (luck) to your home and hearth for the upcoming year. So, it takes a bit of planning and a compliant or willing first-footer, but the process is super simple.

I get a little bag together with some items that are symbolic – bread, salt, whiskey, a coin, a candle and a piece of kindling (even a stick will do).

Each item has a meaning and a purpose: Bread for food being available and prosperous, Salt to celebrate the ups and downs of life and preserve those memories, Whiskey to offer hospitality, a coin that there always be one in a pocket, a candle to provide light in the darkness and the kindling for heat and comfort. All of this I put into a bag and set it aside for the celebration.

Then I clean – declutter mostly – not a deep-spring clean mind, but one to neaten up the space and put things in their proper place. No dishes drying in the sink, coats hung, floors clean and carpets swept. You enter the New Year as you mean to start it – so the holiday clutter is put aside, the daily clutter is put away and you’ll feel more ready for the morning to come.

Now – it’s celebrate the ‘run up to midnight’ as you wish – usually here there are some snacks and a movie. At a minute to midnight I send my ‘first footer’ out the door to wait, after synchronizing the time. Then, precisely at midnight -he knocks 3 times on the door-

The door is answered and the first foot says – A happy New Year and Good Tidings to you and yours -while handing over the bag of goodies. The first footer is invited in and the bag is unpacked – laying each item out on the table. The whiskey is opened – and everyone in the room has a glass with a shot in it – glasses are clinked and toast is made…. There’s your first foot.

Now- a few little bits and bobs – the first footer should be tall and dark- of hair. Redheads are out (it’s a concealment thing carried over from the highlands) as are blondes. We use my brother-in-law each year – he’s usually around for at least this part of the holiday – and it works a treat.

And, this year, in need of more sanity and kindness in the world, I couldn’t think of better.

Then there was my first book read in the New Year. Since I’d already finished all of my review reads for January and into February for 2019, I decided to start a new tradition for me with a first read. One of the many books I’ve purchased, but not yet read – and trust and believe – I have far more of those books than anyone should have on their shelves.

So I decided to go with a Katie Fforde title this year – she’s a British author who writes lovely woman’s fiction – full of laughter, heart and plenty of clever situations. I chose to read Artistic License, it’s been on my shelf for ages so it’s beyond time that I got it read. I’ll have a review for the title up in February for those interested.

Artistic License by Katie Fforde

And that’s it for me for firsts – I don’t do resolutions, just hope for more and better each year – and that’s more than enough for me. What are your best firsts?

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  1. I love that tradition. I’ve heard of several of those things when reading fiction, probably set in Scotland now that I think about it. 🙂
    We put together a list of things we want to do or work on about ourselves onto a little slip of paper, fold them up, and stick them in the tin. The tin stays put away until New Year’s Eve. We take it out and see how we did over the last year and put the new list in sometime during New Year’s Day. It’s all personal and no one sees each other’s lists. 🙂 We do a toast after midnight.

    My first read for the New Year was That Girl Darcy by James Ramos.

    • it’s often worldwide – but I’ve gotten mine through years of scots ancestors and always just appreciated the history – we also do boxing day and epiphany (even though we’re not catholic or orthodox) all of which came with my grandparents and extended family.
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  2. I’ve heard of this tradition too. Thanks for sharing how you do it! We set goals for the new year for the Winter Solstice. New Year’s Eve consists of games and drinks and heading off to bed.

  3. Oh wow, first-footing is something that I haven’t thought about in YEARS! When I was a kid, we used to have people going around the houses on Hogmanay. I remember the whiskey but not the rest of it… By the time I was a teenager people had stopped doing it in my area and my grandad used to grumble about it constantly.

    I think it’s lovely that the tradition still lives on. 🙂

    • My grandparents did it when I was little -my father wasn’t a fan of the tradition – but I revived it and we do it here – it’s just us and mostly just family and friends with a small Hogmanay celebration too – but since we’re not big on the out on New Year’s eve it’s a nice gathering and makes it just a little different from the ball-drop on television
      Gaele recently posted…The Lost Girls of Paris by Pam JenoffMy Profile

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