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AudioBook Review: Fascia, A Collection Of Short Stories by Ashley Murray

AudioBook Review

I’m an admitted fan of short stories, I enjoy the format, and I do very much appreciate the layering and complexity that emerge in a well-crafted story.  Ashley Murray has managed to bring relationships to light with her clever crafting with emotionally enticing settings and events.

Produced with inclusions of original music, this is an audiobook unlike many that I have heard: personally while I enjoyed the music I did find it was emotionally invasive at times: guiding an emotional response from the listener, when in truth the writing does stand beautifully on its own encouraging that response.  Some will, however, appreciate the mix of spoken work and music, and find the unique presentation more to their taste.  Read more of this post

AudioBook Review: Take the Monkeys and Run: Barbara Barr Murder Mystery #1 by Karen Cantwell

AudioBook Review:

This is my second encounter with both this author and narrator, and I was utterly delighted with this pairing again.

Take the Monkeys and Run is the first in the Barbara Marr mystery series, and while it has a clever murder mystery at its heart, the hijinks and humor add to the story and present Barbara as a character with a singular ability to function when all around her is chaos.

Recently divorced with no real explanation for the dissolution, she is still in love with Howard and can’t quite really move beyond those emotions, even though there is a very willing and interested man in her circle, Colt, a PI who steps in to help her solve the mystery. But, Barbara has much more to deal with – a troop of monkeys have suddenly appeared, and the vacant house next door is suddenly sounding like an episode of Scream.  While I was expecting a shrunken head (from the monkey references) that didn’t happen, but the murder and the associated sorting out the whodunit was fun, funny and clever. Read more of this post

Miami Mummies: A Wendy Darlin Comedy Mystery by Barbara Silkstone

It is apparently my week for outré mysteries, those that combine strong and funny characters, near slapstick comedy and some classic references that will keep you thinking, guessing and giggling throughout.  Today’s title is perfect for the COYER fans who want something a little out of the box!

Miami Mummies brings back the iconic and slightly obsessive Wendy Darlin and her on and off paramour Roger Jolley in yet another improbable mystery.  Bringing us a new character in a former classmate and real estate client, Tippy Henman.  Tippy intends to fulfill a promise to her father by building a hi-rise on the land, yet that isn’t going to happen with murder, mayhem and mummies appearing.  Read more of this post

Damned If You Don’t by Linda J. Parisi

Thanks to the Corvisiero Literary Agency for the opportunity to participate in this review tour.  Today I have a romantic suspense title: Damned If You Don’t by Linda J. Parisi.  Please be sure to stop by the other stops on the tour, and you can enter to win a $75 gift card from Amazon by following This Link

Book Review

I’m a huge fan of stories that feel new and fresh, with suspense elements that feel possible: you can see the premise for the suspense actually happening.  In Damned If You Don’t, Parisi manages to mix corporate bottom line with developer’s conscience and come up with a winner.   Read more of this post

Between the Devil and Ian Eversea: Pennyroyal Green #9 by Julie Anne Long

Today I have a review of an Historical Romance: Between the Devil and Ian Eversea, the ninth book in Julie Ann Long’s  Pennyroyal Green series.  You can see what others thought by using the tour page, and be sure to enter the Tour-Wide giveaway sponsored by Avon Books, where you could win a print copy of It Happened One Midnight, Book 8 in the Pennyroyal Green series by Julie Ann Long.

Book Review:

A truly fun and funny story, we find a young wealthy, witty and beautiful American returned to her birthplace to seek a husband under the guidance of her late father’s friend the Duke of Falconbridge.  Titania (Tansy) Danforth appears to be everything that a young noble would desire: beautiful, charming and witty.  Unlike many of her station, her guardian is entertaining her ‘list’ of qualities that she wants in a husband, a list that starts to grow and change as Tansy herself begins to realize her own true desires.  Read more of this post

Amethyst: Jewel #1 by Lauren Royal

Amethyst: Jewel #1 by Lauren Royal

Another entry in my March 2014 COYER reads, this is the start of a lovely historical series from Lauren Royal, and the first book Amethyst is FREE!!  You can’t beat that for an introduction to a new author!

Book Review:

I’ve had this title in my TBR for quite a while, and some free reading moments where I could get into the bult of my pile appeared and here we are!
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Sprinkled with Kisses (The Cupcake Diaries #5) by Darlene Panzera

Welcome to my stop for the fun and sweet Cupcake Diaries series by Darlene Panzera.  Today I have a review and an excerpt, and you can enter the tour-wide giveaway here to win the Print Copy of The Cupcake Diaries books 1 – 3, or a print copy of Bet You’ll Marry Me, both by Darlene Panzera.  And – believe me – these stories are just the perfect bite – I’ve purchased each of the titles for my own library, or to give as gifts to friends who need a little smiley moment: and you can see just how fun they are by looking at what others think by following this link to the tour stops!

Book Review

It’s hard enough to not gush over this series: each book is the perfect sized bite to leave you with a smile on your face, AND they come with recipes!  This one – a Lemon and Blueberry delight that I felt my mouth watering JUST with the ingredients.  But, I digress.  Read more of this post

Blossom Street Brides (Blossom Street #10) by Debbie Macomber

Book Review

I was in the mood for a ‘feel good’ chick lit story: and Macomber’s books are that and so much more.  Her characters are always well developed and presented, and while the setting is fictional both issues and characters are completely based and grounded in the real world.  Friendships are important in these books as well: a nice diversion from the real-world situations that are often rife with jealousy and competitiveness, supportive only when the one in need of it is struggling.

This is the first of Macomber’s books that I have read for review, and the first in this series: but the book stood alone perfectly well, although from seeing other reviews there are characters that were featured in earlier books in the series that reappear and have some influence on the plot.  Read more of this post

Indulgence by Caitlyn Black

Thank you to Smith Publicity for the opportunity to review this title.

Book Review:

Do NOT judge this book by the cover: while there is little to indicate the clever story within, Caitlyn Black has brought us two lost souls finding a purpose in the cutthroat world of financial services. Sadly, were I basing my choice solely on a cover: this would not be a choice. Fortunately I did not have to make a quick decision on cover alone, and I am glad that I chose this title to read for review.
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